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Catching Up with the Remys in 2020

Memorial Day 2020 Float In | Ledbetter, Remy & McAfee
Memorial Day 2020 Float In | Ledbetter, Remy & McAfee

Being a Mom never stops. The “catching up” never stops, but is that a problem? Well, maybe if we are discussing sleep – ha! There’s so much going on with the family, so many EXCITING things, that I have to “catch up” with where we left off. And wow, that’s with Grant’s senior year. What have we done since 2020, “The One with a Pandemic of Epic Proportions.” What do you say? How do you explain it? Where do I start? Take a breath…..GO:

  • We travel to DC/Virginia to see Chase, along with the sites and sounds of Washington DC.
  • Grant dominates high school swimming (yes, you read that correct) in the 50 and wins the District meet. Racks up other plaques and bobbles.
  • Spring Break Baseball for Grant’s senior year, shuts down during a tournament, to protect students from “The Vid”….he never goes back to school or steps foot on the SFA Baseball field again…such a season lost.
  • Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo cancels the rest of the season. We realize, we are all “in this together”.
  • Bizopia sent everyone to work from home out of caution. 
  • Gary. Melanie. Grant and Alex are all working and schooling from home. Can you say “WiFi stress?”
  • We all “accepted”…okay, most of us accepted the term MASK UP. You figure out which didn’t.
  • Grant “graduated” in June from high school with very little pomp and circumstance.
  • Missed the Memorial Day Float in New Braunfels but had a fun “Float in” at our place. 
  •  Chase proposed to his long-time love, Shelby (on Memorial Day Weekend) in Virginia. Wedding date set for February 2021.
  • The New Territory Tarpons hung in there, and had a “virtual season” that brought Alex out of retirement as Head Coach, and Grant as an assistant coach.
  • Grant graduated in July, in Texas, on a football field, in full black graduation gown, 6′ apart from his friends. Half-a$$ graduation, but at least they did something.
  •  Managed a quick trip to the Guadalupe River against the government’s wishes, with the Bruckshens and the McLaughlins, where we waited for…..
  • Colin proposed to Alex in later July in Virginia Beach, VA. Wedding date goal of Summer 2022 (whew, had time).
  • Chase, Shelby & Wyatt moved to Virginia in August.
  • Surfed on Lake Conroe with the Mullers a few (more) times.
  • Moved Grant to the University of Texas at Dallas for his freshman year to play baseball.
  • Aggie Football Season started and Alex went back to Texas A&M to finish up her Masters, after The Vid shut A&M down.
  • Quick visit to Virginia to hang with the kids during Aggie/football away-games.
  • Teal Season opened, got a few hunts in at Bucksnag in Garwood, Texas.
  • Quick visit from Chase/Shelby/Wyatt again – wedding visit for venues & dress.
  • Thanksgiving. All kids are under one roof. Plus one grandkid. FUN times!!!
  • Alex graduated with her Texas A&M Masters in Kinesiology and honors in December. Whoop! 
  • Christmas.
  • Alex started her Exercise Physiology job in the Stress Lab at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas.
  • Full. Swing. Wedding. Planning. For. Two. Remys.
Tired yet? What a year, all cooped up together. Would we trade that togetherness in the Remy house? NO. Gary and I called it “bonus time”….who would think it would have continued? That’s a wrap on 2020…for now. (More pics coming soon)
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