Year: 2010

Family & Kids Swim & Sports

It’s Just that Time of Year!

Christmas holidays. WOW. They are already here – I can’t believe it. Tough weekend for the Austin High School swim team. The team left Thursday after school for TISCA – a state-like meet in San Antonio. It’s supposed to be a fun time and an “out of the ordinary” meet for the swimmers. A “get […]

Web & SEO

Google – FINALLY – makes some changes!

Google announced on Wednesday that it was changing its algorithms with regards to reviews. In the SEM and SEO world, one of our goals is to increase “new content” and we use “user generated content” as a method to do such. Google has looked favorably upon user generated content in the past and will probably […]

Family & Kids

Sadness introduces the Heir-Apparent

The looming sadness around our household is due to the quietness brought on by the passing of our 16 year old lab, Caroline. Even with the puppy Cabela around, she just doesn’t seem to make as much noise as her elder. The explanations of what happens to dogs when the die aren’t getting easier with […]

Family & Kids

Is Organic Search gone for good? Enter Google Places

As I am typing this, Google is implementing it’s newest “schtick.” Google is putting MUCH MORE emphasis on Google Places, and it’s ability to guess at what you are trying to search, an extension of Google Instant. If Google thinks you are making a local search, it offers you local results via Google Maps mixed […]

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