Year: 2011

Family & Kids

Homecoming – Newcomings 2011

It’s that time. Teens plotting and planning for Homecoming (or Newcoming for my George Ranch friends). Do I ask a date OR do I attend with a group of friends. School groups are organizing dinners and mum-making-parties…….it’s a fun time. It can also be a stressful time for all. My “newcoming” friends are all doing […]

Family & Kids Swim & Sports

10 Commandments for Parents of Athletes

This list of 10 just dropped into my inbox and is something each and every one of us should have tattooed to our hands at meets, practices…..just every day! Something I need to really read and re-read. Dave Thomas, USA Swimming, visited First Colony Swim Team (FCST) and shared this with parents and coaches. It’s […]

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