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Construction Accidents

While almost any type of workplace can offer the unexpected risk of an accident,  serious injury, or even death, construction workers face one of the highest risks for on-the-job-injuries. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, construction workers, like most American workers, are legally entitled to a workplace free of hazards and foreseeable accidents. Unfortunately, […]

Family & Kids

Sugar Land Family Day

Well …. it’s the last weekday of summer break and we decided to take the family to lunch and a movie.  Have you seen “Aliens in the Attic?” Pretty cute. Before the movie, we visited Grimaldi’s Pizza up by the First Colony Mall in Sugar Land. Excellent. You get to pick your toppings and the […]

Family & Kids

The Sandy Sugar Land Return

OK – we’ve been gone for too long. It’s absolutely amazing how much sand one family with three kids can transport home from the beach. The sand toys,  the shells/sand dollars, THE SWIMSUITS, the towels……the big  one – the bottom of the rolling cooler. Doesn’t matter how many times we rinsed it off at the […]