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Trains, TVs, Pianos and Swimming

Woke up this morning to news reports of a train derailment in Santa Fe, Texas. That really not that far from here.  We live pretty close to some tracks and I always think – how fast would officials move through an HUGE subdivision like mine telling neighbors to “shelter in place”. We don’t have train […]

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SEO and Swim Coaching – Same Strategy?

I’ve written before about SEO being a “word game”  to me and got quite a few questions from friends and followers. SEO or SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is defined in Wiki-land as the process of improving volume and/or quality of traffic to a website. Now, if you’ve been following this blog, you know that I coach […]

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Pants on the Ground

TOO FUNNY. Did you watch American Idol tonight? The 62 year old dude that came on at the end of American Idol tonight was a riot. He sang a song called “Pants on the Ground”….talking about how kids should pull their pants up. “With your hat to the side….” I was laughing SO FREAKIN’ hard. […]

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Swimming…….in the rain again!

I had the complete pleasure of accompanying the Fort Bend-Austin High School swim team to the TISCA meet in San Antonio this past weekend. 2 days of double session swimming………..I was REALLY impressed with the actions and attitudes of most of AHS’s swim team. Good coaching? Good parenting? Or just good kids? I think swimming […]

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Moms………The Ultimate Taxi Cab Drivers

I’d pit just about any of my friends against a New York City Taxi Driver any day of the week. Tax drivers pick up customers by happenstance, on a street corner somewhere. Moms have to pick kids up on a schedule while negotiating afternoon traffic of all types – the unpredictable types of traffic. Moms […]