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Haiti and Houston Handyman

It is REALLY hard not to feel sorry for these poor people in Haiti – another 6.1 earthquake this morning? As I sit at my computer (nice little Dell by the way) and start banging out today’s work while being mad that I have to replace a back door, a garage door opener and drive […]

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SEO Tips – The Obvious?

Houston is experiencing BEAUTIFUL weather today! Thank goodness – after a weekend of cold and rain/mist, and swim meets, a little sun does the brain good! Happy MLK Day, by the way! I promised another SEO Tip for friends………..make sure  your website’s links work. I don’t how many websites I see that have broken links. […]

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Houston Business Insurance Quotes

With my husbands knee surgery this morning, insurance is on my mind. We all need insurance – but MAN O MAN – it’ expensive. Houston business insurance, health insurance, liability insurance… insurance, pet insurance? Just thought I’d throw that one in there – ha! Trying to sift through Houston business insurance quotes is a daunting […]

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Teens and Guns!

Went up into my oldest’s room yesterday…….mistake! The cricket cage stunk BAD b/c of rotten potatoes (long story) and the Chinese Water Dragon needed water – he’s a WATER DRAGON!!!! OH well……It was the guns and gun cases that I was stepping over that hacked me off. It’s not like these guns would do a […]

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November – the Whirlwind Month

WOW – November is flying. Seriously, the fall has flown. Christmas is on it’s way – I can’t believe it. All 5 family member’s birthdays are in October and November. The word whirlwind really doesn’t get it – just doesn’t touch it. One is 15………starting to learn to drive. Need I say more on that […]

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