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Bringing Baby Bela home!

October 28, 2010….life as we know it is about to change. See – I remember having a puppy when I was little. Yeh, she was all cute and fun and such a great companion for a small child, but that basset hound HOWLED……….and howled…….and howled. I remember Mom walking around like a zombie because the dog was up all night. I remember kissing her good night in her “box.” I remember thinking it was MEAN to put a dog in a cardboard box.  My dad is tough and all, but I sure don’t remember “kennel training” that dog. I remember once Suzie was big enough to not squeeze under the fence, she had full run of the backyard.

Why am I writing about this? Well……Baby Bela (sounds like Bella – is short for Cabela – the hunting store) arrives this afternoon. We are driving out to Katy to get her. Last time we saw her she was maybe 4.5 pounds. When I called the kennel owner – BarrKennels in Katy, Texas – Pam said that Bela probably 12-15 pounds. YIKES! Chase picked Bela, beautiful 3 1/2 week old black lab, out as his 16th birthday gift. She’s going to be “his” hunting dog.

Black Lab - Cabela

Realistically this dog is going to be mine. Just like the 16 year old yellow lab, Caroline,  we currently have. Like the cat, Mufasa – who thinks he’s a dog, that we inherited from friends that moved to Scotland. Like the Chinese Water Dragon, Irwin, upstairs in this 16 year old’s room that I talk to and mist lovingly every morning. And Moe & Joe, the fire-bellied toads……..they get a few crickets when I remember to tell Grant to feed them. I don’t even think the geckos have been named yet, but they are kind of cute – I have to admit. AND THEY MAKE NO NOISE. I’m forgetting someone………oh yeh. Tinkerbell & Peter Pan – Alex’s parakeets that have been renamed TinkerBo and Polly Pan as she is pretty sure that we had the sexes wrong on them thus the renaming. I think that’s all of the Remy Zoo. I think. I’m sure someone will correct me 🙂

We drive out to Katy this afternoon after the kids get home from school. Alex misses this grand adventure because of basketball tryouts. One less kid – I’ll be able to better pay attention to the kennel owners as they tell me how my life is about to turn upside down. Just as Google turned the organic search results upside down today………..that’s another story. I expect this to be like having a baby……….except my babies were good sleepers and were NOT criers. As my friends can vouch for me – I DON’T DO CRYING AND WHINING.

While thinking back upon Suzie being a puppy, I didn’t worry about whether or not she tore up Mom’s flower beds and chewed on Dad’s lawn equipment……well, because I was a kid. I tossed a Facebook post out there about “suggestions for bringing a lab puppy home.” You know, a generic status update, to instigate some conversation amongst friends. One of my long, lost friends suggested Tabasco on the legs of my furniture “that I treasure.” Oh boy………….I’m in trouble. A bit worried about my favorite LEATHER couch, kitchen table, and many other heirlooms.

Wish us luck. It’ll be a ride for sure…………wish Caroline, the old, slow moving, 16 year old lab with “anxiety” issues luck too. She’s going to need it! HA! Pictures tomorrow!

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