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Life can be a bit raggedy at times - but that's okay, right?

Puppies……and Christmas!

Let me set the stage. With one holiday upon us, college football winding down, and Christmas around the corner, things show NO signs of stopping any time soon! Cabela (aka – The Terrorist) has settled in to being a member of our family – in a very toddler type of way. The first week the puppy moved in was a blur to me. The first 4 nights were quite rough as I do not work well on little to no sleep. Nights 5 & 6 were only “one potty run” nights and I began to appreciate the puppy for what she is – ADORABLE! Beautiful head, cute personality, and black as night. Problem #1 = doesn’t matter what color color you place on a black lab, you can’t see them at night. Especially at 3am in the morning. Problem #2 = the cat. Mufasa has little to no appreciation for the puppy. Pure toleration.

Cabela keeps us on our toes, especially me as I try to work from home while semi-entertaining a puppy and managing her potty schedule. Who knew labs pee this much?and  The cat is in hiding, barely eating, Caroline, well – let’s just say protects her food and bone. Past that, she’s been incredibly tolerant. We are crate training which I believe is the only way to go. Cabela already at 10 weeks old, goes to her crate when she needs to sleep. WAY COOL!  She’s learned to sit on command in one afternoon with NO TREATS and “leave it” seems to be going well. This is almost a full time job.

Thanksgiving is next week, and I’m looking forward to the break and the fried turkey. What does your family do for Thanksgiving dinner? Baked turkey? Fried? Ham only? What a process. Coordinating families is hard enough, but the food schedule that goes along with this – WOW! Gotta run – dog needs a break. So does Mommy…………..

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