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Can’t Even Blame this one on Sports!

Just when you think you have seen it all……….it happens. Catches you off guard. Reminds you that there are some really irresponsible, selfish people out there. We see it way too often in youth sports. BUT….I can’t even blame this one on youth sports.

There’s a new youth football league in town (in Fort Bend County, TX – Sugar Land, Missouri City, etc) called Fort Bend Gridiron Football. What a wonderful place for boys to learn to love and play football. The league is affiliated with USA Football and the NFL, so it’s starting out with a very strong foundation. This is a zoned league meaning that the kids will play on a team with kids that live around them and that are zoned to the same high school they are to attend. The teams are named after the high school that they kids are zone too, thus building community spirit and support. It’s been great so far. The coaches are all concerned with fundamentals and making sure the kids love football. And then there’s winning……you would have called me out on it if I hadn’t mentioned it. We ALWAYS want to win. All the right pieces are there. The coaches seem strong, the board is AWESOME and organized, the fields are in good shape, and the kids are excited. That being said, still can’t blame this awful display on football. Those of you that know me, I haven’t even seen anything like this in baseball – ha!

To set the stage, it’s hot……it’s later in the day and we were all tired, hot, and sticky. The boys were hot and we were steady pouring water on them…trying to keep them hydrated. This young man on the field completes this AWESOME run of maybe 30 yards (that’s BIG in youth football) and puts his arm out to break his fall, jumps up and screams in pain. Next words out of his mouth are “my mom is going to kill me.” WHAT? Did I hear that right? His arm is killing him and he’s worried about his mom? OK – I’m thinking either this kid is a REALLY good kid and he REALLY loves his mommy OR something weird is going on.

The “lucky” EMT, who earned his keep on Saturday bless his young heart, running from sideline to sideline handing players with everything from helmets to the ribs, heat exhaustion, and twisted ankles/arms/fingers, joined us on the sidelines with our newest injury. I’m scrambling to get an ice bag prepped, and the poor kid is writhing in pain, and crying about how we “can’t tell his mom.” Huh? She’s probably in the stands watching the whole thing, I’m thinking. One of the coaches has been standing with us and I was thinking – what a coach. Back to the field, his attention was on the injured player. Cool! With 4 plays left before half-time, this guy is standing here keeping an eye on his player. As our Marine, combat-trained paramedic (might I add YOUNG) is tending to this fragile little boy he informs the player that he is going to have to go to the hospital to have his upper arm/shoulder x-rayed. The screaming begins again.  All the player heard was “broken” and the coach says “you shouldn’t have said that.” WHAT? You goof-ball, do you see what kind of pain this kid is in? It’s not the crying of a kid that just got his butt kicked on the field and doesn’t want to go back in. He’s in pain. THEN the coach says something and we all realize that the player is his son. Enter Mom………I DON’T HAVE TIME TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL. Little sister has to been somewhere at 2:30….she’s shares in a VERY loud, nasty tone. And the loud comment is coming from me…..I’m VERY loud. The crying escalates from the boy.

She hears us discussing Methodist Hospital in Sugar Land, and starts talking smack about how many bad things she’s heard. OK – it’s an ER. How many people have shared with you that they had a GREAT time at an ER? Huh? As this drama continues to unfold, a conversation begins between myself, the EMT, and this coach about broken arms and Methodist Hospital – Sugar Land, league sponsor as my son had emergency surgery (broken arm, immediate surgery, complete with pins) at Methodist-Sugar Land on a Friday night, during football season in Texas. Could have been a rougher than necesssary night for us in these parts – and we had GREAT nurses, doctors, service. I’m trying to lighten the mood with the mom because she’s REALLY making me angry shouting that she doesn’t HAVE TIME to take her kid to the hospital….WHAT? The kid is sitting right there listening and sobbing how sorry he is, and she’s unleashing her “I told you so’s”, and “if it’s broken, he’ll never play again.” She needed to be shut down. Seriously, if I had said something like that…………….

The dad eventually took him to the Methodist per our instructions and was treated wonderfully. I wanted to ask if he took his wife for some meds…but again I kept my mouth shut (which is extremely unusual for me). There were a few more comments made by the kid that made this drama SO MUCH WORSE, but I’m worried for him because the situation between mom and dad is obviously not a good on so I won’t share that……this is bad enough.

What kind of person tells a kid that they DON’T HAVE TIME to take a kid to hospital because of ballet lesson or birthday party……don’t really remember because I was so shocked. Come on…the kid was in pain show some compassion lady. I hope she reads this. I don’t care how much you don’t like your spouse, or how much you don’t like football……..your kid needs his mommy. Selfish….selfish…….selfish. IRRESPONSIBLE.

People should have take a test or pass a class before they are allowed to have kids. My husband says we are all screwed up, it’s just “how” we are screwed up and “how bad” that sets us apart. That’s really the truth. Kids are perfect when they are born. We screw them up as parents. Give your kids a hug. YES, they frustrate us and make us mad, but I’ve yet to meet one that is capable of intentionally breaking their own arm. Right? They are kids. They should not have to bear our burdens. Ever. They’re just not equipped………….

WOW – what a Saturday. Great up until the drama started…….and I HATE HATE HATE drama. Oh…..on a lighter note, this combat trained paramedic’s comment, “I’m not trained for this……..” Parents. UGH!

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