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Life can be a bit raggedy at times - but that's okay, right?

Change & Websites

You know……….websites change (or need to change) at the speed of life. As I was working today,  I kept coming across articles, tweets, posts – whatever the source, they all suggested change. Sometimes change is good, and sometimes it just takes a ton of effort. How many times do you think,”I really need to change that.” Really? How many times?

Well, when it comes to websites AND life, we all need to make the time. Whether it’s changing your meta-tags and titles on the websites you are managing OR changing the way you parent your kids, change is eminent.  And necessary.

I’ve been analyzing a website that I just can’t figure out WHY it’s not ranking within Google’s SERPS. It’s number one on all keywords with Yahoo & Bing, just can’t figure out the Google-thing. WHY, I ask? At the office, we all comb the site source and try to figure out why this one is different than any other website we’ve developed. Just blows my mind – something is there that I just can’t figure out……..kind of like parenting, huh?

As my kids’ teen years just seem to be flying by “at the speed of light,” I’m trying to figure out “why things just don’t work.” Or, at least, why they don’t work easily. Today, I just have to admit: EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is just different. Every kid, every parent, every friend……….is different. Do I like that? Yeh, it would be pretty boring if everyone was the same, but if there was just a manual. With all the rules to follow. I’d follow them regularly and religiously.

That being said, check your tags and titles for proper keyword usage – has something changed with your business? Don’t sell a product anymore? Get it out the tags/titles/content. Make CHANGES. GO FOR IT. Your website is prime real estate for new content, and more important, new ideas/products to lure in new clients/customers. You can do it.

Set aside 15-30 minutes, once or twice a week and start hammering away!

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