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Digital Age is REALLY here!

Earlier today, comScore released their August 2010 Online Video Rankings and FACEBOOK is #2 on their list. Really?

Online-Internet Video Marketing

These numbers are incredible. If you don’t know, comScore is the global leader in measuring the digital world and is reporting, for AUGUST 2010, that 178 million individual, unique viewers watched online video content. They are also suggesting that the average per person……….14.3 hours. The total number of viewing sessions for this 178 million people – 5.2 BILLION sessions. Wow!

As you might have guessed by now, Google owned is first on the list with 146.3 million UNIQUE viewers – meaning

individual users. Facebook, in a distant second, has the number 2 spot with 58.6 million viewers, racking up a total of 243 million viewing sessions. That’s just fascinating news to me. Yahoo! is third, with VEVO in 4th. The average time spent on Google-sites alone was 270 minutes per viewer, or roughly 4.5 hours.

This comScore report also breaks down online video ads and the viewing trends. Hulu had the most hits with an amazing 790 million impressions. Did you read the part about that being the numbers for video ads in August ALONE?

Here at Bizopia, we try to get our clients to shoot videos with us so we can add them to their websites as internet video marketing tools. This data, previously shared, is hard core proof that online video marketing is the real deal. I have but one question – why would you NOT have a video on a company/commercial website? Huh? In my opinion, people are so lazy that they would rather kick back and watch a short video and try to figure out whether or not your product is what they need, rather than combing through a website and ACTUALLY READING. In today’s day and age, we have to be prepared to “entertain” both!

Go view some online video marketing pieces……….

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