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Don’t Panic – America is just underconstruction!

Hurricane Issac restaurant sign - prepare, don't panic, prayOn a day where hearts are heavy, Boston, MA, is under attack.My goal was to sit down at the computer to do a “Website Under Construction” blog…to explain why the blog has been down for so long…and literally bombs go off.

Athletes from all around the world, ones that have honed their training in preparation of a 26 mile, brutal RACE in Boston today, on Patriots’ Day…a government holiday for Massachusetts, were cut short of their goal. So sad. A brutal attack on innocent people celebrating such an accomplishment – finishing a marathon. All the days and months of training that goes in to training for a marathon, gone. Boom. Just like that.

America is under attack by who knows who or what or even why, again. With the constant influx of new people, you might consider thinking of America as “under construction.” Constant construction. Like the freeways here in Houston.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. America is going through an “update of sorts.”  Just as hiccups happen when you update something like your phone, computer, website or workout program, there is no telling what is going to happen, much less how it’s going to be perceived. With all the change these dayas, I wish everyone would just take a moment and breathe. Pay attention to your surroundings – not just the inanimate objects that are not moving, but the people moving around. Your neighbors. The guy in the desk next to you. The lady next to you in the grocery line. Your kids. Concept, huh?

We are going to have to reorganize America in an intelligent way. Without getting into a gun control debate discussion, the smartest infographic I saw today was gunson Facebook and it really speaks the truth, regardless of the side you are on regarding gun control…..most of all the law abiding citizens that own guns, didn’t do anything wrong yesterday. It’s the CRAZIES we are spending all this time drafting new laws for. It’s just nuts. Where are the coming from? Not necessarily from outside of the US. Many are coming from right here in our own back yards.

If America would get back to basics…..God….family….prayer…..helping ourselves, maybe things would go better. Maybe. We don’t need the government to tell us to do that. We all know it….and those that REALLY believe it, need to take a stand and help get America back to where it needs to be. Let’s worry about parenting our own kids. My kids are not the governments responsibility. To keep them safe on an American level, yes it’s the good old US Government’s job. But to actually parent and feed? Now way – It’s the parents’ job.  You got yourself into this situation of having kids. Next step is being responsible.  You need to take care of them.

Sorry about the rant here. The little 8 year old boy that was killed at the marathon today, while simply standing there cheering his dad on, doing what he should have been doing, loses his life because some nut case with something to prove (definitely NOT supporting anyone, or loving anyone), goes and blows this perfect little boy up. My point here is…someone had to know. There’s a parent somewhere of this disturbed person, or persons, that failed somewhere along the way…teaching the difference between right and wrong.

And some want to leave the teaching of Right vs Wrong to the government. Uh…..I think not.

Adios – website will be back to normal soon! Stay safe! Stay strong America!

~ Mel

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