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End of an Radio Era

Mark Stevens and Jim Pruett
Mark Stevens & Jim Pruett - Radio Gawds

Last week, Mark Stevens of Stevens and Pruett – Radio Gawds from 101 KLOL, left this Earth. WOW – what an end to an era. Those of us that have lived in Houston in the late 70’s and 80’s (40ish), grew up with these guys. Even though I’ve always listened to country music, I always woke up to those clowns and listened to them when I was getting ready for school OR on the way to the pool. Coach Nelson, Klein High School swim coach in the 1980’s, listened to Stevens & Pruett on the deck during morning practices. Can I just say – that would NOT be allowed on any campus anywhere now. MAYBE college. HA!

They were bawdy, gross, suggestive……to me, they were the Howard Stern of Houston radio. They were hilarious. I remember being shocked. I remember wondering what on earth they were talking about. I’m not really sure my parents knew I was listening to them. Right after we got married, Gary and I got an invitation to the Stevens & Pruett “Holiday Ball” – one of the “Leather and Lace” Balls. We said, “SURE!” Boy – was I NOT prepared for that one. Fresh out of A&M, I had blinders on. I’m pretty sure some of my friends would say that I still do. I wore a really cute, black-n-white, gingham check short formal. One of the girls we went with…….well, let’s just say, had VERY interesting view of “formal.” This was a BLACK (being the operative) tie event. She wore the Victoria’s Secret body stocking with a blazer over it. ONLY a blazer. I guess I was a bit over dressed. I saw things that night that support the comment, “I grew up with Stevens & Pruett.”

As luck would have it, we are TOTALLY blessed with awesome neighbors one of our neighbors just happened to be Jim Pruett’s son. What a hoot! Just a calmer, fly-under-the-radar, version of Jim. I remember the day our oldest came home from Jim’s son’s house and said, “I just shot guns with Sam’s granddad.” We just stopped and said, “What?” At this time we did not know that Jim Pruett owns a gun store in Houston called “Jim Pruett’s Guns and Ammo” – over off 290 in Houston. They’ve just moved into a new location and are currently planning a Grand Opening of sorts. Will keep you posted on dates.

This Houston gun store has personality plus. Just like Jim. With barbed wire decorating the walls and all the guns hung on chain link fencing for your viewing pleasure, it’s totally worth a visit. The staff is entertaining to say the least, and incredibly knowledgeable on your gun and ammunition needs. They even have an on site gunsmith that can handle just about anything. Jim has collected quite a few military “antiques” and has them displayed in his “museum” of sorts and LOVES to tell you about them.

Jim Pruett’s Guns and Ammo has all makes and models of guns, including military style weapons. He boasts the tag-line, ” Your Anti-Terrorist Headquarters.” Upon visiting the store the first time, and meeting the staff, one thing was very evident. They are all about safety. While everyone has to fill out the required gun permit, they have another questionnaire on top of the required one. Another statement that is said quite often is “guns don’t kill. People do.” That is SO true. While we were visiting, I bet 5 police officers came in to buy things like sights, holsters, and other items. That’s impressive. To have the confidence of the Houston Police Department, says something about the gun store and their staff.

Jim & Joy Pruett should be really proud of what they’ve built store-wise. The staff acts like family, very protective of the Pruetts – just like Mark Stevens was. God rest his soul!

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