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Moving at the Speed of Life

Moving at the speed of life………..think about it. That’s what we all do, right? Our local news station uses that phrase on their commercials and I think it is so true. You HAVE to live (or move) at the speed of life. The speed of my life sometimes seems unmanageable. Like the speed in which my kids are growing up. I’m getting older too, but my goodness, those kids are growing like weeds. We just attended our oldest’s Spring Sports Banquet where he received his Varsity letter jacket as a freshman. That was a HUGE deal when I was in high school (more on this topic later). Now we are going to get his learner’s permit for driving – guess I’ll need to start collecting auto insurance quotes. When did all of this happen? Moving at the speed of life……..

Easter came and went with a visit from the in-laws, including my sister-in-law and her family. Her kids are SO CUTE – we don’t get to see them near enough. She decided to stay in a hotel, even though we could sleep my husband’s parents, my 3 kids, and her 4 in our house IN BEDS. I really think they thought they’d need to take a break from our “speed of life.” Multiple practices by multiple kids, at multiple pools – I guess our “speed of life” does move along at a pretty good clip. It COULD tire someone out that is not used to it. Ha! Gotta keep moving……..

Work is incredibly busy – tough juggling sick kids, the swim schedule (high school and club swimming for 2 of the kids), and work……..and a husband, a dog that breathes VERY heavy all the time…did I mention she breathes very heavy ALL THE TIME? Like she’s been on a run or something. She’s old and we love her! Between the dogs,  3-5-8 year olds literally running through the house, constant activity in the kitchen (which needs new countertops – might as well remodel the kitchen really), the GREAT meals (ones we cooked AND  sushi at Sasu)…..we all did great to survive. It’s like you need to take a vacation from a vacation, does that make sense? Moving at the speed of life…..

Now that it’s spring time I’m reminded of how much TIME the yard, garage and landscaping takes. Time that is VERY limited. I want to install some time of patio cover so we can better enjoy our yard AND our SLOWER moments at home. You know, take advantage of it when we do have some down time. In my constant pursuit of making my life (our lives) easier, I thought I’d clean the garage out last Tuesday evening. It was really nice outside. So I tell my son, “Go open the garage door.” Easy enough, right? It got stuck. My husband, using all his strength….and that’s a lot, tried to open it, bent the rails and it jammed. Two wheels popped off the track and we can’t get it up or down. As any multi-tasking mom would do, we found the number of a client of ours, Certified Overhead Garage Door, and asked if they would come out. Not only did the tech come out at 8pm, he fixed the garage door, fixed the garage door opener (which had blown out WEEKS ago), AND…get this… a handyman on the weekends (can take care of the “dog-attacked” door frame. THAT’S GOOD LUCK. I can’t say enough about Dillon and Certified Overhead Garage Door – plug plug. Nice, prompt, played with the dog AND explained what he was doing to my 8 year old. And did you catch the part about doing it fast? Moving at the speed of life………

Now back to my SEO job – working on a pretty cool company’s site that I’ll let you know about next week. I like to share clients when I think someone might could use the information. Like for broken garage doors……….insurance, you know. The things that break or involved kids! More later……on letter jackets!

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