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SEO Tip – TwitterFeed

Since I do SEO (Search Engine Optimization for those of you that forgot) for Houston website design, social marketing and search engine optimization company, Bizopia, I do A LOT with words. I know that cracks some of you up because I talk SO INCREDIBLY much. I think “talking” is becoming a lost art – but man am I good at it!! Ha! I just know the guys at Bizopia think it’s quiet when I’m not in the office. Lucky for them I work on computers and NOT on the phone.

Anyway – back to SEO – I’ve found an application called Twitterfeed that actually links your blog, to your Facebook account, to your Twitter Account, etc. Last week, I touched on how important blogging is in moving site up the ranks with Google, Yahoo and Bing right now. I am always looking for a way to make my life/job easier. This has REALLY helped.

When I hit the publish button, this blog (and all of it’s LINKS) will go to all of the places I have set up within Twitterfeed. For example, this will go first to my personal Facebook page allowing friends to peruse at their leisure. If just one of my friends reads this, that’s a hit to the blog. If it’s a GOOD day, maybe that friend will come back and become a follower. Then the blog link travels to my Twitter account where more of my business associates and clients have a chance to read it.

Social Media (SMO) and blogs can be quirky for me. I like to read blogs and Facebook posts, but there are only so many hours in a day available for me to just sit and read. I don’t like Facebook status updates and blogs that are SILLY personal. I love all of your families, but WOW – I don’t know that many friends of mine that want to ONLY read about the trials and tribulations of my family’s lives. You know, share something interesting OR something that will help them in their own lives. They have their own families and trials.  AND back to that TALKING thing – this is a pet peeve of mine in the day and age of speed-contact (texting)  – If we are good enough friends to want to share EVERY minute of the day (grocery trips, laundry situations or potty breaks (yes – I’ve seen someone post “going to the potty” ), chances are that we actually TALK (not email, not text, not IM) every now and then and we have a good idea of what is going on. I don’t want to read about you going to grocery store unless you’ve made something absolutely amazing and want to share. THEN write about it in a blog. But maybe that is just me.

New content is HUGE with regards to SEO. Websites and Facebook accounts can be really interesting for all invovled especially if they are updated frequently – a GREAT way to do that is with a blog. LINKING it to your FB page or to your Twitter account can only increase your chances of someone getting the information that you are wanting to share (or needing to share). Create links……..create links………create links!

Now – family update. Alex is running the mile for district finals tonight. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

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