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Moving at the Speed of Life

Moving at the speed of life………..think about it. That’s what we all do, right? Our local news station uses that phrase on their commercials and I think it is so true. You HAVE to live (or move) at the speed of life. The speed of my life sometimes seems unmanageable. Like the speed in which […]

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SEO Tip – TwitterFeed

Since I do SEO (Search Engine Optimization for those of you that forgot) for Houston website design, social marketing and search engine optimization company, Bizopia, I do A LOT with words. I know that cracks some of you up because I talk SO INCREDIBLY much. I think “talking” is becoming a lost art – but […]

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Houston SEO – New Website Design

Well – it’s finally here! We’ve almost finished the new and IMPROVED Bizopia – Houston Website Design and SEO – website. It’s been hard for us to find the time to revamp OUR own website. I am now finally to the point where I’m updating the text and tags. We’ve added so many new services […]

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SEO – Keyword Strategies

I’m constantly pondering blog posts……..I just like posting. It gives me a break from some of the more mundane tasks of my daily routine andĀ job. If done right, blogging can be tied in to these SEO tasks. Today my main goal is to finish a large gun store project. It’s been fun learning about all […]

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SEO Tips – The Obvious?

Houston is experiencing BEAUTIFUL weather today! Thank goodness – after a weekend of cold and rain/mist, and swim meets, a little sun does the brain good! Happy MLK Day, by the way! I promised another SEO Tip for friends………..make sureĀ  your website’s links work. I don’t how many websites I see that have broken links. […]

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Teens and Guns!

Went up into my oldest’s room yesterday…….mistake! The cricket cage stunk BAD b/c of rotten potatoes (long story) and the Chinese Water Dragon needed water – he’s a WATER DRAGON!!!! OH well……It was the guns and gun cases that I was stepping over that hacked me off. It’s not like these guns would do a […]