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SEO – Keyword Strategies

I’m constantly pondering blog posts……..I just like posting. It gives me a break from some of the more mundane tasks of my daily routine and job. If done right, blogging can be tied in to these SEO tasks.

Today my main goal is to finish a large gun store project. It’s been fun learning about all the types of guns and what gun people like to buy. I have the complete confidence that my new friends at Jim Pruett’s Guns & Ammo (old site) Store will sell you the right gun for the right task………….NOW………how do I convey this in website text? How do I convince YOU, the reader, that this is a reputable gun dealer in Houston and not some hole in the ground (with TEXT not pictures – Google doesn’t care much about pictures – but that’s another post idea)? Buying a gun is a big deal – understanding what you need to be safe (like a gun safety class) or knowing that you HAVE to have a CHL (concealed handgun license) to carry one in the state of Texas (and other states). I’ve been in the store – I know the owner, again – it’s important that I convince the reader of the website who presumably is in the market for a handgun or some other type of defense weapon (my new favorite is the term LESS THAN LETHAL weapons – ha!).

Little keyword strategies (or games as I tell my friends) like the “how many ways can I say hand gun?” Well, I could say: handguns or hand guns – it’s sort of like on our own Bizopia website (or is it web site)…let’s not forget “internet site, custom site, custom website, custom web site…….” Again, I can do this for days. I do.

A good SEO person will come up with their very own strategy – one that would probably drive someone else up the wall. Games or keyword research can be done in so many different ways – it just has to be done at some point. Preferably BEFORE the site goes to design. Even though some of the search engines “ignore keywords” – that just means the meta-tag for keywords – NOT the text……..and other parts of site structure (that’s another post). You have to be careful of keyword stuffing though…..remember, in the end, the search engines don’t buy anything – it’s the customer. If the text doesn’t read easily and correctly, no one is going to try to read it anyway, right? It still takes a human to do the shopping and pay the bills last time I checked.

One category of keywords that really gets me going is the whole attorney – lawyer thing. Come on, can’t we just pick one? I’ve done a few attorney websites’ structure and it’s tough, because you know that certain people will use the search keyword ATTORNEY while others will use LAWYER. It’s simply the point of SEO – it’s a bit psychological, I guess. Some words just sound better with lawyer (or the phrase is older) – who knows REALLY? It’s all about what people search. You have to do your research.  For example: Houston Personal Injury Attorney or Houston Personal Injury Lawyer? Which is it? Well, personally, I think you should go after both.

More later on SEO and keyword strategies……..going back to work on a FELA website, and go figure – it’s a LAWYER website…….oops – no an ATTORNEY website 🙂 These REALLY great guys in the Houston/Texas City area……..(I know, another post-ha!)

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