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Teens and Guns!

Went up into my oldest’s room yesterday…….mistake! The cricket cage stunk BAD b/c of rotten potatoes (long story) and the Chinese Water Dragon needed water – he’s a WATER DRAGON!!!! OH well……It was the guns and gun cases that I was stepping over that hacked me off. It’s not like these guns would do a ton of damage – but my youngest COULD use them to threaten someone – ha! Seriously, my official teenager is VERY good about keeping the ammo locked up and the guns not loaded…….if he had a gun safe though, he could put all of his hunting items (pellet guns, air pistol handgun, shells, knives, etc) in a locked gun safe.

It JUST so happens that we have designed a website and I do the SEO for Lone Star Gun Safes, here in Houston. I had NO IDEA Houston gun safes, gun vaults for those non-gun people out there, were so pretty. Seriously, they are gorgeous. Lone Star Gun Safe, Houston Champion Gun Safe Dealer, offers quite a few brands of safes, including Browning, Champion Gun Safes, Graffunder, Superior and Heritage gun safes. These things are velvet lined – I guarantee you that most women don’t have their jewelry in storage places this nice. They have shelves, locks, most are fire-water resistent. I’m impressed. The handgun safes would be great for jewelry storage too!

Now – what I need is a simple (lightweight gun safe) so that I can stick it in a corner for all of Chase’s “gun stuff” and knives…….kids. Now if someone could suggest an organization method for all of Grant’s Star Wars guys…………………

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