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Customized Apparel – close to home!

For starters – I AM NOT GETTING PAID TO WRITE THIS – now that that has been said…..

How many times have you wanted a nice golf shirt or an Under Armour shirt with your company’s name on it, name of a reunion, sons’ baseball team’s name, ANYTHING personalized? There is a company in Houston that specializes in customized apparel – either items you buy through them, or items you take into the store – and get them done FAST.

Not that I’m slamming other embroidery companies, or customization companies, but these guys are nice, efficient, and affordable. OK – time for me to fess up here. I work WITH them, AROUND them, eat lunch with them. It is Echo Apparel Solutions – they office in the same building with Bizopia and List & Found (the company I work for ).

Echo Apparel Solutions does all of Conn’s employee shirts. I just walked through the warehouse here, and there were HUNDREDS of White shirts in the embroidery room just waiting to be sent out. Echo can do custom embroidery on dust about anything – and 10 at a time. It’s amazing to watch.

A few months ago, Echo Apparrel Solutions got this new machine that can screenprint logos/words/pictures – whatever your need – on the Under Armour or Dry-Fit type shirts. My husband had 27 little shirts made up for Grant’s football team – peewee football – the polyester, type Under Armour feeling shirts (off brand). The kids LOVE them. They wear them under their pads……….feels good, says Grant.

Echo Apparel Solutions can help you design a shirt and then can customize it any way you’d like – including screenprinting, embroidery, digital sublimation, heat applied graphics and imprintables. They have another new machine, a digital sublimation printer – that sets the ink INTO the fabric. No crunchy, stiff iron-on feeling things………VERY COOL!

That’s just my personal plug for my friends……..they do great work. And yes, I’ve paid them to do things before. Getting ready to embroidery my kids’ swim parkas!

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