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Living Close to the Tracks!

Living in certain parts of Houston can be dangerous in my book. Just today, a Union Pacific train had 29 cars out of 116 derail in Southwest Houston.  What does derail mean? A Houston Railroad Accident. JUMPED THE TRACKS!  BLOCKED TRAFFIC. The bad part is that 16 of these 29 cars carried petroleum coke, 4 cars carried ammonium nitrate, 2 carried aluminized pellets and one carried polyethelene pellets and another carried good old fashioned cars. Luckily the remaining 5 were EMPTY!

What’s bad about this? Why do I have a problem? Ammonium nitrate is highly explosive when heated up. Train derailment…..heat from accident. BOOM! Definitely possibility. Ammonium Nitrate is the “fertilizer” compound that  was used in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Trains carry things like this all the time. We never even know about it unless there is an accident. And today, there was a very dangerous accident. It is unclear at this time what caused the derailment and it was also not clear if there were any injuries. It happened during rush hour – something will  pop up.

If you or someone you know was involved in this accident or another accident like this, call Russell Burwell or James Nebout at Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers. They are great, normal guys that practice in Houston and Texas City. I to Texas City a few weeks ago to visit their office and get some information for a new website that I”m building. The are FELA attorneys. FELA stands for Federal Employers’ Liability Act – the FELA Act protects those working on trains, tracks, or in the yards as well as those innocent bystanders that are involved in train accidents. Call them  –  they’ll help you understand your rights under the FELA Law.

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