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Swimming…….in the rain again!

I had the complete pleasure of accompanying the Fort Bend-Austin High School swim team to the TISCA meet in San Antonio this past weekend. 2 days of double session swimming………..I was REALLY impressed with the actions and attitudes of most of AHS’s swim team. Good coaching? Good parenting? Or just good kids?

I think swimming breeds pretty adaptable kiddos who are used to schedules that are unimaginable to most. Neighbors walk by and ask my kids (while they are waiting for carpool) “where are you going?” The answer is almost always the same. “Waiting for swim team carpool.”

At TISCA, these kids were working on relatively pool sleeping conditions (it was a great hotel – the issue for most was the upperclassman vs freshman thing….Dad would say – it’s good training for them), different eating times – I know that affects my kids, and a different competitive arena that was new for most.

Most of these kids traveled without their parents and handled themselves pretty darn good. They dealt with bad times, personality differences between VERY tired kids, and disqualifications that were heart breaking.

I was just impressed, so I thought I would mention it! OH – it’s raining again………………..

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