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Last Minute Appeal????

Seems I’ve only been writing about rain and swimming lately. So here’s something new. Normally, first thing I do when I get to work is peruse the news across the nation to see if something sparks my interest for blogging. Well – this sure did – on

“In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal Wednesday morning to hear the last-minute appeal of a Tennessee death row inmate, two justices clashed — one with some bite — over whether an execution after a lengthy delay is cruel and unusual punishment under the Eighth Amendment.”

Now, it may just me being too hard today because I have a head cold and not much oxygen is getting through to my brain, but come on…….two judges clashing over cruel and unusual punishment of a death-row inmate? Now, I’m not really sure what makes me more angry – the fact that they are spending my tax dollars “clashing” over how someone was treated on death row OR the fact that they are NOT addressing that the person ON DEATH ROW did something obviously TERRIBLE or they wouldn’t be where they are.

Luckily in my life I haven’t had to deal with attorneys – other than my best friend who is one, but she’s harmless:-). I have had the pleasure and have gotten to know some attorneys through my job – via their websites and questions/interviews that I have to conduct to get correct information posted on their sites. Lester Van Slyke, Fort Bend County Attorney is one that is pretty cool – should one ever NEED an attorney. He specializes in Fort Bend Divorce, DWIs and Criminal Law. Fort Bend is growing so fast….more and more “big city” things seem to be happening. More crime. More divorces. More custody battles. Mr. Van Slyke can legally handle all of these things.

He’s a good old fashioned, man – officing in the Richmond/Rosenberg area – very close to the court house and Sandy McGee’s. With movers and shakers moving to the Fort Bend area (including Sugar Land, Richmond, and Rosenberg), seems there are quite a few high-profile divorces going on and Mr. Van Slyke is right there in the middle of it with all the big whig city attorneys.

If I had to hire a dwi, divorce or criminal attorney in Fort Bend County, I’d want a seasoned attorney, with old fashioned standards, and that is in touch with current changes in laws and technology. It’s a fast world, I would want things handled as fast and as thoroughly as possible. I would feel totally at ease using Mr. Van Slyke. Good guy! Check out his website at

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