the raggedy mom

Life can be a bit raggedy at times - but that's okay, right?

It’s Tuesday!

Well, it’s Tuesday…………recovered from a weekend of games, kids-activities, and a bar mitzvah. WHEW – what a weekend……Tuesday is the BAD carpool day. Everyone has to be somewhere at way too close of times. It’s exhausting.

Today’s work is going well – rank checking clients, looks good. I was able to work some issues out – it’s really frustrating though. Google has all these rules and regulations that the GOOD GUYS follow link-building wise. I follow them – everyone around here follows them, but I STILLĀ  have to spend 20 minutes deleting 214 SPAMMY “responses” and “fake” comments and links in languages that I will NOT mention (and I’m not talking bad words – I’m talking the languages that are taking over the world). It really pisses me off.

Here I am, working my tail off in my little Houston SEO world, trying to get my clients like Home Remedy of Houston, a legitimate Houston Home Remodeling company, to be FOUND on the internet. I see their work, I communicate with their staff, and I post a review on their work (which is REALLY good by the way)……….THEN I have to sit and kill all theĀ  FREAKS out there posting goodness knows what in a language that I can’t even speak. Why can’t these people do something GOOD with their time – like figuring out, via the internet (since that is what they seem to be good at), how to stop all these wars – or people going hungry – drunk driving accidents. I know this is random post, but I’m in a mood today……..

A bit #raggedy at times, but that's ok, right? Love all things Family, Aggie, AHS Bulldogs & Digital Marketing! #SociallyBizzy #SEOciallyCorrect #Bizopia #TexasSEO