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The Construction Services Business

OK – back to meeting all kinds of people through my job…………………next up. The Construction Business. WOW – I though our company had changed it’s personality through the “projects” that it takes on through the years. I understand companies have to keep their hands in different pots to allow change through the years. Not construction companies. They have to be able to do it all!!!!

WOW РKCS Construction Company does a little bit of it all, and does it well. Family owned and operated, KCS Construction company is technically a Houston General Construction Services company offering all aspects of that Рwithin reasons.  They know what they do well, and stick with it. As an industrial and commercial painting contractor in Houston, they completed projects for some major players, such as the George R Brown Convention Center.

What does commercial painting in Houston cover? Interior and exterior painting of commercial buildings. What does industrial painting in Houston include? Thinks like exterior air ducts, water towers, tanks – think BIG!

This Houston Construction Services company also specializes in metal buildings in Houston. It’s quicker and more cost-effective for some businesses to start with a metal building. KCS Construction Company builds many metal buildings for Houston businesses each year. They also can provide all of the pre-construction services for a Houston business including estimating and budgeting, architecture and civil engineering.

Before metal buildings are constructed, foundation work has to be completed. Guess what – KCS Construction¬† Company, Houston General Construction Company, can handle all of your concrete, foundation and paving needs in Houston. It’s amazing.

As a total, turnkey type of company, KCS Construction has been great to work with. Now if they could just help us get our sign up here at the office. Seems the city doesn’t like our logo……….

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