the raggedy mom

Life can be a bit raggedy at times - but that's okay, right?

November – the Whirlwind Month

WOW – November is flying. Seriously, the fall has flown. Christmas is on it’s way – I can’t believe it. All 5 family member’s birthdays are in October and November. The word whirlwind really doesn’t get it – just doesn’t touch it.

One is 15………starting to learn to drive. Need I say more on that topic? One is a new “teen”…….hormones – that’s all I can say there. And the baby……..well, youth football is getting better. I will leave this topic for a whole ‘nother post.

Working at Bizopia (we do website design and seo) is bringing it’s challenges. Like – getting it all done at work, trying not to bring it home, and still hanging on in the kid department. The carpools, the swimming, the house and the husband. Love it all, but WOW….it’s overwhelming at times. The FUN part of doing SEO for Bizopia is meeting all the clients that we do the websites for. That’s always been my thing – I’m a TOTAL people person, that’s why it blows so many peoples’ minds that I sit behind a computer all day. The latest interesting client to come through the doors was Wright Pawn (Houston Pawn Shop) – I didn’t know that Pawn Shops could so absolutely beautiful. I mean, this place looks like a Galleria Area, Houston jewelry store. They are on Westheimer by the big Evans Music Center…..still like Fort Bend Music Center for piano sales in Houston better!!! Plug…Plug…..they are friends!!!

Everyone is healthy – knock on wood – but we are so busy and the business is growing – I’m just afraid I’m missing things. Enough whining………adios – back to work!

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