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Swimming in the Rain – Again!

This weekend, we had the complete pleasure of visiting the big booming metropolis of Manvel, Texas. Home of the very beautiful Manvel High School (great short course nat) and Twin Lakes…….2 scuba lesson lakes/tanks in the middle of an RV park. Rice University hosts an “open water swim” for USA swimmers and USMS (United States Master Swimmers) at this “Twin Lakes.”¬† It is very well organized, well run, stays on schedule – however …. IT RAINS. At least this year it wasn’t cold.

These kids are real troopers – swimming in the rain and wind, in a lake when the are used to protected swimming pools with lane ropes controlling the waves. I’m so proud of my swimmers (my own kids as well as other FCST swimmers) when they complete this race. They offered an 800yd swim, 1 mile, and 2 mile swims. We competed in the 1 mile this year. My daughter’s first OW swim. I believe you must be 13 in order to attempt the 2 mile, open water swim. Next year for us.

The rain wasn’t bad – just annoying – made taking pictures difficult; however people were parking like ding dongs and getting stuck right and left. When did it become “common-sensy” to park a small, 2-4 door car, full¬† of asleep swimmers in an already muddy field standing in water? Hmmm? What do you think would make someone think “this might not be a good idea?” The 12-14 year old boys standing around, taking bets on who is going to get stuck and watching people park cars – IN THE MUD ?

People are always entertaining…………way to go FCST! And thanks Rice U for a great meet.

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