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SEO Tips – The Obvious?

Houston is experiencing BEAUTIFUL weather today! Thank goodness – after a weekend of cold and rain/mist, and swim meets, a little sun does the brain good! Happy MLK Day, by the way!

I promised another SEO Tip for friends………..make sure  your website’s links work. I don’t how many websites I see that have broken links. What harm can broken links do? Well – glad you asked. Broken links make EVERYONE’s life difficult. Mine, yours, Google’s. If Google can’t follow the links, then you are not going to get listed on the front page – PERIOD. Or any other page for that matter – off to the sandbox for you. Google has a magic formula for ranking websites, and they EXPECT you to have your t’s crossed and i’s dotted. That includes links.

Links come in many different forms, links from page to page within your website, links from other websites to yours, and links from your website to others. Links seem to implode on their own – check them frequently.

Page rank is NOT the most important thing – many new SEO (search engine optimization) people get all hung up over it. There are so many things that could be going GOOD on your site and people may love visiting your site  –  just make sure your tags are as good as they can be and that your site is user friendly.

Gotta run – kids are out today – not much work getting done around here! 🙂 Til next time………

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