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Haiti and Houston Handyman

It is REALLY hard not to feel sorry for these poor people in Haiti – another 6.1 earthquake this morning? As I sit at my computer (nice little Dell by the way) and start banging out today’s work while being mad that I have to replace a back door, a garage door opener and drive in Houston (which I absolutely hate doing), these people have NO homes, no water, no food……it’s crazy. I can’t imagine how the children feel – it’s not like kids in California that are sort of use to a tremor now and then.

I don’t wake up well anyway – someone yelling GET OUT – GET OUT at 4:00 in the morning is not going to be met kindly. You assume things are built well. Hotels, hospitals, etc…..they can’t possibly be trusting anything in Haiti now as it has all been shaken. As I go through my day, I know I will be feeling bad that I’m contacting a “home remedy” company – a remodeler of sorts JUST to fix my back door that the dog has scratched so badly. These people need a ISLAND remedy company – not just a door company.

With websites and blogging being my business, I usually sit down in the mornings with something in mind to blog about on some site somewhere. Sometimes I check out the news first. So…..I sat down to blog about my garage door opener (that I squished my fingers in the door closing it last night after putting bikes away) that is broken and whether or not I’m going to try to replace the gears or just buy another one. A neighbor said by a gear driven one……any comments? But in the background I can hear the Today show discussing yet another earthquake in Haiti – THOSE POOR PEOPLE.

I wish I could send our buddies at Home Remedy Houston to Haiti instead of my house. I can live with the scratches on door and frame (now the mice getting in is another thing 🙂 ). Home Remedy Houston is a Houston handyman company. They do large home remodeling projects as well as small projects like mine. I can fix a lot of things, but the door frame has to come out. I’ve already spoken to Home Remedy Houston about a kitchen remodel and got a good paint quote for painting the foyer that requires creative scaffolding. I’ll keep you posted. We take care of their website, so I’m going to use them personally.

Now I’m off to the tax office to try to find my LID taxes and to drop some disks off for DVD duplication at Sugar Land DVD. I really hope things settle down for Haiti – this is truly tragic!

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