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Paula DeenOK America. It’s time to put your “big girl panties on” and get over yourselves. I’m in a mood this morning – beware. Your (mine too) weight/diabetes/heart issues ARE NOT PAULA DEEN’S FAULT! Give me a break. I can NOT believe that papers and reports this morning concerning Paula Deen’s announcement Tuesday that she has had Type2 Diabetes for the past three years. In all reality, this doesn’t affect anyone else, does it? Now if you are a huge fan as I am, and you are concerned for her, the best thing realistically you can do is to pray for her and her health.

My fired up state got started while watching the Today Show this morning, when Ann Curry (whom I love by the way) – as NEWS – discussed all the “upset people that felt betrayed” by Deen’s lack of honesty. WHAT? Why exactly do these public figures owe us anything “personal?” Really. She has built quite a business with her amazing cookbooks and television shows. You know why? SHE’S ENTERTAINING AS ALL GET OUT! She’s as much an entertainer as she is a chef. That being said, why is she EXPECTED to share her personal health news?

My fired up state increased as I climbed in my car to head to work and turn on my favorite radio personalities on 93Q – Tim Tuttle, Kevin Kline & Erica Rico – and they guys were TOTALLY bashing her. Erica was the only sane one in the group. I’m paraphrasing here in a big way, but Erica was fighting on Paula’s side by stating that she is not MAKING you cook her food. You think? Tim & Kevin, well – mostly Kevin, were talking about how bad her cooking and about how much butter and sugar she uses. So. The Jersey Shore reality show stars drink all day every day – does that mean you HAVE to go behave that way? HuH?

Has anyone ever read or heard of Paula Deen beating anyone over the head with her REALLY CUTE pots and pans all while forcing them to make a recipe from one of her books with multiple sticks of butter and cups of sugar. Of course you haven’t. Anthony Bourdain – star of “No Reservations” on the Food Network called Mrs. Deen, ” the most dangerous person in the world.” I guess the intelligence behind that statement explains why I’ve never heard of the guy and don’t even recognize him. Wow. The most dangerous person in the world? Think that’s a bit dramatic?

OK – so she has signed on with a diabetic drug company as a spokesperson. So she’s stands to make some money from these endorsements. Is that wrong for her business wise? Can you blame her? Think of all the stuff Trump has done, does he still have a high ranking tv show? Of course he does…..because he’s entertaining to watch. Watch one of Paula’s shows or catch her on the Today Show….she’s pretty cool. You’d want to sit and have a chat or two with her – but then I tend to like people that have BIG personalities.

I am so tired of everyone blaming these stars for how they are affecting the youth of today. Here’s an idea. TALK TO YOUR KIDS. Tell them that’s not right to suck down a stick of butter or 5 Red Bulls everyday. Or marrying someone you don’t know or don’t love and expect to spend the rest of your life with. Or drinking and driving. OR taking a gun to school and not dropping it when the cops tell you to. OR letting yourself tip the scales at 300 – unless you have a medical condition that causes you to gain weight, try pushing back. Trying exercising. Trying taking responsibility for yourself. Try not hanging out with a “bad influence” or “bad crowd.” Parents are so quick to blame everyone else for their own kids’ issues and missteps…..try parenting. It’s a concept that is lost on a lot of people.

Moderation. Only make ONE of Paula’s recipes a week OR only on holidays. It’s just like everything else. Most things won’t hurt you in moderation. Disclaimer…..I said MOST things.

Off my soap box now. Back to work! Anyone need a website or blog to VENT – ha!

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