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Houston Gun Shop

I am cracking up. I try to not to get political here, but I just have to today. I was actually reading the Houston Business Journal a minute ago and read an article on the front page about a gun shop. My interest was totally peaked because we’ve finished our newest website for a Houston Gun Shop – Jim Pruett’s Guns and Ammo – so naturally I’m very intrigued with gun stores now, especially the gun shops in Houston.

The reason I’m cracking up is because the title of the article is “Gun Shop gets a straight shot of stimulation.” It seems Obama’s stimulus package for small businesses is aiding a local gun store in its expansion. They are moving in to an old Circuit City (which is HUGE) – this move is giving them an 844% increase in square footage. Since Obama has been in office, this store has seen its business grow 600%. Now do you REALLY think he meant for a GUN STORE to have that kind of growth? I know some of you are saying, “Sure he did. They are a small business.” I’m still smiling.

Jim Pruett’s Guns and Ammo is rockin’ along also. They are moving into a larger space this spring some time. Check out their new website – it shows all the brands of guns they sell, the types of clothes (it’s called Tactical Apparel), it even has a Stevens and Pruett page – remember the Rock Gawds of 101 KLOL? Yes, it’s the same Jim Pruett. We are started to collect old pictures and post them on the site. They also have a new Fan Page that reflects the new site url – you can get there by or – both url’s will get you to the same place. Facebook wise – if you don’t have a Facebook page you can see their page at .

It’s been a really fun site to work on for so many reasons. One being that Jim Pruett’s energy level has NOT changed a bit since the 80’s. I visited the store on fact finding missions a few times and got to handle an AK-47 – didn’t know THOSE were legal. Now I have ammo against my oldest son. He is SO into guns – hunting guns – that I can fire off stats, and talk “ammunition” now.

This houston gun store carries all types of handguns, military style rifles, and has quite a collection of OLD war guns (called militaria – see my vocabulary has even grown) displayed “museum” style. It is an experience in itself – definitely worth a trip over. Another vocab word I learned is “less-than-lethal.” Mr. Pruett’s daughter-in-law carried quite the container of pepper spray. But for something more exciting, you can peruse the tasers.

The really nice thing is that they REALLY care and ask questions of the gun buyer. Questions over and beyond the scope of the “gun application.” They teach CHL – concealed handgun license – classes as well as defensive handgun classes. They DO care that you learn how to use your gun.

I’m really looking forward to watching this site grow traffic wise, fan wise, and the Facebook page – well that’s up to you. Become a fan – NOT a business plug – it’s a riot watching what people post. Go ahead – try it!

And I guess I should thank Obama for allowing these Houston gun stores to grow – to borrow from the article – now THAT’S a shot of stimulation………still smiling here!

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