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Trains, TVs, Pianos and Swimming

Woke up this morning to news reports of a train derailment in Santa Fe, Texas. That really not that far from here. ¬†We live pretty close to some tracks and I always think – how fast would officials move through an HUGE subdivision like mine telling neighbors to “shelter in place”. We don’t have train accidents that much. AND we live close to Nalco Industries. Seems there are always train cars being loaded and unloaded. Through my job, I’m aware that train accidents (or rail accidents) fall under a very interesting law called FELA. FELA stands for Federal Employers Liability. The way I understand it is that there are very specific laws regarding what employers must do to keep their workers safe. WOW – this is VERY different than a workmans’ compensation claim. It is up to the injured worker to prove that the employer/rail owner failed to provide an unsafe workplace. Think about this – FELA covers injuries on the tracks, on the trains themselves, as well as injuries in the railyard. That’s a ton of different places injuries/accidents could happen. 20 cars derailed in this accident this morning……..that would have tied up traffic on Hwy 90 for DAYS. Issues would need to be handled by an experienced lawyer – luckily we’ve developed a wonderful working relationship with the attorneys at Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers – they handle FELA cases in Galveston, Texas City as well as Houston. See – your job pays off sometimes. If I need an attorney, I know who to call!

Our old tv, bless it’s heart, is on it’s last leg. Luckily I have a client that sells all the newest and prettiest LCD televisions. The pictures are INCREDIBLE. J&K Electronics make buying a tv in Houston, easy. Especially LCD tvs. NOW, for my other half and I to decide on what size and what brand…hmm . That might take a while. In the mean time, I’m going to haul my pc that’s in need of a little repair and RnR. The pros at J&K also offer pc repair services. So I guess we’ll take the laptop for repair and look at some tv’s while we are there. Add one for this weekend’s list.

Pianos……….where do I start? We have a VERY old, one octave short, upright piano from my grandparents. My mom learned on it, I learned on it, and my kiddos have banged around on it. Literally. My youngest, at about 3, took a plastic bat to the keys. Chipped off the tips of the keys. Nice huh? My husband HATES the piano – not the piano instrument – just this piano in particular. It looks old. My daughter cries every time I suggest getting rid of it. I’ve checked with Fort Bend Music Center, my piano moving and sales experts and friends, and it’s not worth fixing it. Heartbreaking! But WOW – have you looked at new pianos lately. Fort Bend Music Center has some VERY cool upright as well as baby grand pianos for sale. Guess I’ll have to pay them for their piano moving services – maybe I can donate the piano. Suggestions? Add it to the list……

And swimming………MAJOR champs meet this weekend in the Woodlands. BEAUTIFUL facility – nice for spectators, BAD for parents with TWO kids. I’ll have to sit in the middle. Both big kids should do well. High School season is over for Chase, and Alexandra is due a VERY good swim or two. Watching some swimming and catching up with a friend that I never get to see anymore due to our kids’ schedules. Friday – Sunday at the Woodlands. Add it to the list……..

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