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Let the Controlled Chaos Begin!

School has started and the controlled chaos has begun. Summer is always an exciting time for kids (and their parents) because “they don’t have to go to school,” yet sometimes if you think about it, summer can be more chaotic than the school year because of lack of structure.

NOW that the school-year induced structure is back, it’s a serious game of logistics involving who needs to be where,  at what time, and with whom? Football and swimming have started and we are full steam ahead. With high school swimming getting cranked up this week – GO DAWGS – that’s just one more element added to the swimming mix.The big kids bolt immediately upon arriving home from school for swim practice that is in southern Sugar Land (yes – Sugar Land is big enough to have northern and southern sections). Chase driving has been such a blessing because I get to actually acknowledge #3 (Grant) when he gets home from school. That being said, the insurance on a 16 year old boy in a truck is quite interesting, but we have a great insurance agent in Sugar Land, thank goodness.

Fort Bend Gridiron Football has been such an incredible experience this year with the league experiencing huge growth. In its inaugural year,  the league had 100 players, and now our numbers are over 500. What a GREAT pat on the back for this group of football enthusiasts that thought this league was something Fort Bend County needed. As a zoned league, meaning players are required to play for the zone that will feed their high school. Yes,  I said it. Zoned. No recruiting. Positive coaches are instilling the love for the game with these boys – it’s great to see. With Bucky Richardson at the helm (WHOOOOP!), the television and radio exposure for the league has been awesome! Saturday is the first game day for this year for this league, and the boys are so excited and ready to go. GO Bulldogs! (And Ridgepoint, George Ranch and Clements Zones!)

With the Aggies potentially moving to the SEC (or some other conference), it’s proves to be a great swimming and football season for the Remy family. Gig ‘Em………….stay tuned.

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