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Tornado Alley | Insurance Nightmare amongst other things….

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WOW – what a few days it’s been for the “Deep South.” Most of y’all have heard me talking about Greenville, Mississippi and my last 2 years of high school and being “unfairly” transplanted. As I’ve matured over the last 20 years or so, I think I’ve grown to appreciate the small-town mentality. Now, I’m not saying that I get why some of my friends NEVER left the state (even for vacations, school, whatever), but I’m wishing we had a bit of a slower pace.

Greenville, MS, really does have a beautiful landscape to it. No hills or anything, but everything is so green and still a bit “untouched.” I’ve been watching all the weather reports, and have been trying to keep up with where the tornadoes have been. Not that it’s fair for tornadoes to hit ANYWHERE, but Mississippi & Alabama just don’t have structures and housing built to withstand what they are being bombarded with right now. I would think that inadequate homeowner insurance coverage is going to be a HUGE issue in the area – similar to when Katrina hit New Orleans. Total devastation in areas. It’s really sad.

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One of my Facebook friends that left Sugar Land to attend Ole Miss doesn’t even sound bothered by the sirens anymore (we don’t have sirens here)…..just irritated that they kept her from finishing a paper on time. Some of her friends from Alabama were suggesting that sirens were better than blackouts. I guess I would tend to agree. The video footage coming out of University of Alabama right now is absolutely amazing. The footage NBC is carrying right now (link to footage) is startling. The guy shooting it is an ex-cameraman of some type, from the 3rd floor of some academic building shooting out towards campus. As a parent, student, breathing human-being, it is terrifying.

I can’t help but think about what on earth do you tell your kids about something like this other than “at least we are alive and we need to thank God and say prayers for everyone else.” Tuscaloosa, AL’s mayor said, “Neighborhoods……removed from the map.” WOW! Scary stuff. Where do you start in the clean up mission? Obviously AFTER you’ve found all your family and pets……..what do you do next? Call an insurance agent? Seriously. Chances are you are doing your insurance business with someone local. Which is good and it’s the way I think it should be, but what if their office got destroyed? You need to think about this. These local insurance agents are going to be busy for a while. Probably longer……..

While I’m praying for those that have lost lives, homes, and livelihoods in the MS, AL, and GA region, I’m taking a peak at exactly what’s included in my insurance policies. Not making light of what is going on with the weather, but we are staring down hurricane season here and we’ve already had a “surprise low.” Y’all check your papers – call your agent. If you need an insurance agent, call me. That way if we know we are all covered, we can sit in the driveways/middle of the street and have hurricane parties like we did last time. We were lucky y’all………….the South will rise again. Thinking about y’all!

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