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SEO & Facebook | What’s Going to Happen Now?

facebook-bottle-cap-iconThis past week has been an exciting one with the IPO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg being named the 29th wealthiest person in the world, as well as Mr. Zuckerberg getting married. That all being said, do we know any more about how Facebook is going to evolve over the next few years? Forget years, how about months?

So many SEO (search engine optimization) “experts” (and I use that VERY loosely) want a book, better yet, a single post telling us how to best use Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and others to enhance online marketing strategies. Instead we get just enough information to make us all dangerous. Or at least we think.

With black hat SEO people on every street corner (or cubicle) it’s very hard NOT to get caught up in all the hub-bub with Google’s zoo of updates – last being the Penguin Update and possible changes with Facebook . How is Facebook going to play into future endeavors of Google to keep things “white hat?” Who knows? All I know is it’s fun to watch people scramble for the “next” big thing….regardless of whether it’s black or white hat marketing. So many just don’t care whether or not their marketing strategies are legal in Google’s eyes….but man-on-man, they sure are scrambling now. Video after video, blog after blog – there’s a TON of people out their whining about how their rankings tanked when the Penguin update hit. Is it their fault or Google’s? How are they really playing the game?

WPO…my new favorite term. Web Presence Optimization. Everyone is very tired of me jamming the term down their throats at Bizopia. Too many people see their website, Facebook page, Twitter account and other social accounts as totally INDIVIDUAL pieces instead of the whole. My friends that read this, will laugh, because I’m constantly saying – that person has the WHOLE PACKAGE (nice, good looking, good kids, good job, good manners – you get the picture). With web presence, you need to have a well built, easy to navigate website. You need to have all the appropriate social media outlets covered (Twitter, Google+, Facebook and now Pinterest). You need to be updating your website whether it’s a true update/overhaul OR via a blog. The whole package needs constant attention…’s a lot and can be overwhelming.

As spring comes to an end – it’s just OVER here in Houston as it’s hot already – I’ll try to visit a small part of web presence optimization every few days in attempts to make the concept of “the WHOLE picture” less overwhelming. Til then……