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Hurricane Issac | The Three P’s

Hurricane Issac restaurant sign - prepare, don't panic, prayHurricane warning: The three IMPORTANT P’S – Prepare, (don’t) Panic & Pray. The good people of Louisiana need our prayers right now. With gas supplies running out – forget plywood, water and batteries – a lot of Louisiana is doing what they should be doing and they’reĀ  EVACUATING…..and for that, I thank you!

I can’t even imagine having to pack like they are. When Katrina took dead aim at Houston 7 years ago, I put pictures and keepsakes in large plastic tubs just in case we lost our metal roof. Didn’t happen with Katrina obviously, but it did happen with IKE and i was prepared. What a pain. But it was a roof…not a house. Not a loved one or a life. Just a roof. I would imagine there are plenty of roofing supplies being shipped to the area by companies like Bison Building Supply and plenty of companies like Home Remedy of Houston gearing up to help provide labor and resources for those in need.

But what about the elderly? How do they pack their electric wheelchairs and the charging stations that go along with JUST the wheelchair. What about those on oxygen? They are having to leave their comfort zone and flee to areas that are barely out of danger. Both of my grandfathers ended up on oxygen for the last years of their lives. They had to carry around portable oxygen tanks JUST TO BREATHE. And they weren’t under the gun of a hurricane. I can’t even imagine.

I just wish all the best of luck through the rest of today and tomorrow. Looks like it will be starting to settle this time tomorrow. Prepare….don’t Panic….PRAY PRAY PRAY…okay that’s five p’s.

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