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The Sandy Sugar Land Return

OK – we’ve been gone for too long. It’s absolutely amazing how much sand one family with three kids can transport home from the beach. The sand toys,  the shells/sand dollars, THE SWIMSUITS, the towels……the big  one – the bottom of the rolling cooler. Doesn’t matter how many times we rinsed it off at the beach – it just didn’t matter. That cooler  will always have sand in and on it I think. We were lucky to see two friends that we had not seen in a while – old college friends. One commented on my Facebook status that it was illegal to removed sand from a Texas beach. Prosecutable by law. Really? Do you mean that those cute little crafts that my sister and did where we sprinkled shells and sand on a cardboard letter are ILLEGAL? Are you serious? Guess my friend was (even though he was giving me a hard time) as he is the ONLY prosecutor in his county which happens to be a beachfront county. Guess he knows a bit more about law that I do! Ha!

Upon return to real life at home – there’s  the dog, the bills, and work. Upon checking in on my clients’ sites, I was reminded that SHOULD my beach attorney friend decide to prosecute, I would need a good attorney. Lester Van Slyke would be a great choice. Mr. Van Slyke specializes in Sugar Land Criminal Law as well  as Sugar Land Family Law. I would  assume that removing sand would be some type of felony or at the very least a misdemeanor – thus I would need an criminal lawyer and I live in Sugar Land. Hmmm  – makes sense to me.

The Law Offices of Lester Van Slyke handle everything from petty theft to Sugar Land DWI (s) on the criminal side of the law. On the family law side of things, he handles Sugar Land Child Custody cases, Sugar Land Divorce(s), and any other type of family law. Keep Mr. Van Slyke in the back of your mind in the event you ever get caught removing sand from a Texas Beach. I’m sure he could help!

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