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Sugar Land Family Day

Well …. it’s the last weekday of summer break and we decided to take the family to lunch and a movie.  Have you seen “Aliens in the Attic?” Pretty cute. Before the movie, we visited Grimaldi’s Pizza up by the First Colony Mall in Sugar Land. Excellent. You get to pick your toppings and the hand make a specialty pizza – the pepperoni was awesome. Salads were huge. And they gave the kids dough to play with while we were waiting. You might want to rethink that decision…………

After lunch we ventured over to the AMC Theater on Sweetwater. Surprised that the place was not packed on tax-free Friday, we sat on down in the COLD theater. They only had one preview – that’s my family’s favorite part. But it was good  one – The Lightning Thief. I totally appreciate Percy Jackson and the book’s ability to instill a shared love for mythology………ANYWAY – back to Aliens.

Pretty cute – some parts are hilarious. The part where Snuggles/Spark plays the music with Hannah was pretty cute. I think Fort Bend Music Center, Sugar Land & Houston’s one stop shopping experience for the music lover, should borrow that clip and make an ad out of  it for their store. I can see it now – Sugar Land Guitar Lessons featuring Spark on the Electric Guitar. Or………..Houston Piano Sales featuring Spark on the Baby Grand Piano. I think it would be hilarious.

I can see Spark (the four armed, bug eyed alien) talking about piano sales in Houston, while playing an upright. Laying on top of the upright piano would of course be an acoustic or electric guitar. WHen he’s done delivering his two cents worth on buying a piano in Houston, he could go straight into Stairway to Heaven on the guitar. He could talk about his guitar  instructor at Fort Bend Music Center and how COOL he is. “Sugar Land Guitar Lessons….na na na nah…….got get ’em… na na nah” – need to buy a guitar in Sugar Land? Na na na nah!”…and  so forth. It would be so cute!

Now if you are seriously looking for an instructor, FBMC really does provide Sugar Land Guitar Lesson INstructors………and they also sell pianos! Adios!

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