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Life can be a bit raggedy at times - but that's okay, right?

This Old House

The Raggedy Mom – ever wonder why I chose the Raggedy Mom as a url? As a SEO and copywriter for Bizopia, a Houston Website Design & SEO company, I play with words all day long. My brain is working 24/7 and I am constantly thinking about how to help my clients in some way or another. My husband would probably beg to differ with me on this topic, but really, I’m thinking about blogging and word play constantly. This has brought a whole new way I think about the news, conversations that I have with people and things I see on television.

For example, I was watching HGTV and this girl was climbing all over this old Victorian house and painting the gingerbread (yes that’s what it is called). All I could think about was that the contractor should have an account with Flexible Lifeline Systems, a fall protection company. When I was initially working on their site, I didn’t know all of these cool anchorage connectors and full body harnesses even existed.  That girl should have been harnessed to the top of the house – I was scared FOR her!

What’s another one? Oh – the TERRIBLE auto accident involving the Morton Ranch students……it’s was bad, but before I heard that all of the kids had died in the accident, I immediately thought of “who would I call if I needed help?” I would call Brian Jensen at the Law Offices of Brian Jensen. He is a client that is a Houston Car Accident attorney. The guys down at Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers – they are a hoot and a half – represent people in Houston, Galveston, Texas City – really anywhere in the Houston area – they represent Houston Car Accident involvees. Is that a word?

AND – we need a new television TERRIBLY. The tv in our den is probably 18-19 years old now. We don’t even talk in terms of who would we call if it breaks and we were to need tv repair in Houston (but we’d call J&K Electronics). We just talk in terms of who is going to help us get it out of here – ha! We WILL buy our new tv from J&K Electronics though. When you work with and for some companies and people you get attached to what they do, how they run their business – and for me, I go through the “I would rather pay a smaller company than Walmart or Best Buy” – I don’t know anyone there. But I do know they guys at J&K.

See – I’m all over everything…….

A bit #raggedy at times, but that's ok, right? Love all things Family, Aggie, AHS Bulldogs & Digital Marketing! #SociallyBizzy #SEOciallyCorrect #Bizopia #TexasSEO