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Tis the Season

e-readersTis the Season for what? REALITY? After spending three days in College Station at Texas A&M’s completely awesome Student Recreation Center’s natatorium, coming back to “reality” was a bit of a shock. With no computer (on the kids’ computer now), trying to work off the iPad has proven to be a bit of a challenge. Luckily it’s going easier as I wait for my new computer. Impatiently.

While I was at the swim meet I had plans for doing my Christmas cards, online shopping on my iPad, finding an “I” gift (more later) and good ole Aggieland pulled the WiFi right out from underneath all of us (seems we overloaded their guest account capabilities). And you know what….we had FUN. Wow. Being unplugged made some of us nervous, but you know what….we got over it…and we SOCIALIZED. WHAT? I know you must be dying laughing right now. I actually got to talk to some people that I just work/volunteer with and never really get a chance to get to know. And I have to say, I had a good time. Granted we were talking about work, Thanksgiving, what kids were asking for for Christmas…like iPads, iPad minis, Kindle FireHD…phones…seriously? And a few of us decided that we, as parents, are just feeding the fires.

What has happened to wanting a new basketball or football or doll? Now it’s $70 XBox games, $500+ e-readers…..geez, these kiddos aren’t even asking for TV’s. I would have KILLED for a tv in my room. I just have this feeling we are really messing up. These kids can’t communicate much less socialize in a normal way.  A lot of parents can’t as well, and we all know that apples don’t fall far from trees, but some of this, I can’t help but believe, is electronically driven! After talking to some of these parents, I do have to ask myself, where did their kids’ personalities go? The parents are fun. If apples don’t fall far from trees, WHERE’S THE PERSONALITY?

I’ve written about this before……we ALL need to unplug every now and then and get back to having to talk face to face. The kids need to get outside and play. Since Bizopia sells websites and search engine strategies “face to face” and provides customer service “face to face,” we HAVE to communicate. But it’s getting harder. Most everyone in our company is 40+ (except for our 2 babies – love ’em), we remember times with NO electronics. We all started in sales having to actually sit by a, God-forbid, land line, and wait for a client to call us back to schedule an appointment. Remember that? I would be SO IMPATIENT. Like I am now, so often.

I hope at some point during the holidays, everyone gets a chance to unplug a bit… some point. I really enjoyed just chatting with a lot of the First Colony Swim Team’s parents. Refreshing.

Off my soap box now. Going to hunt down a new computer as Apple can’t get me one before December 14. The nerve…….. 🙂

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