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Welcome 2011! I think……..

We’ve welcomed in 2011 – I think I’m about caught up with the “beginning of the year” duties and even accomplished a few things that didn’t really NEED to be done. However, catching up on the “Fun Things” is something I haven’t done a really good job of. During the “new year’s resolution” time of January, I always set totally semi-unrealistic goals for myself – some ARE attainable if I would just try – but this year is going to be DIFFERENT. HA!

Acapulco Bay from the Cleveland's BalconyPhoto-blogging is going to the new thing this year for a lot of people in website design and marketing industry. I really think this is what is next – it’s already here – just going to get more serious. It’s going on “for fun” now – but imagine, a retailer that you like spotlighting an item or two, and really elaborating on it in a way that you can’t help but run out and buy it. A lot of people I know have family photo blogs. Why, you might ask. You parents CAN’T bug you for pictures AND they don’t have to get a Facebook account to see updated pics of your kiddos.

See, I think America is getting lazy and if you want to get someone’s attention, you need to do so with something that will grab their attention immediately. Either something shocking, REALLY interesting, or funny – whether it is a picture, video or a headline – is necessary to grab people’s attention these days. Now, do I want to read a blog where someone is writing about how many loads of laundry they’ve done, or how they’ve scrubbed floors all day? NOOOOOOOOO! I want to read about the things their kids do, something they find interesting at work, some product or service they offer. Something pertinent to me.

So my goal, it to daily, put up a photo. Whether it’s an old photo, recent photo, something I’ve seen somewhere on the news, a client’s product – just something. Almost every day. This generates “new content” and that is a necessary part of successful SEO-ing. VERY integral part. It makes the search engines sit up and take notice of your site. So remember that if you have a website.

Search Engine Optimization is obviously a part of my life as is Social Media…….it’s not going away anytime soon. So….let’s play the game! HA! Have a good one!

A bit #raggedy at times, but that's ok, right? Love all things Family, Aggie, AHS Bulldogs & Digital Marketing! #SociallyBizzy #SEOciallyCorrect #Bizopia #TexasSEO

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