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10 Commandments for Parents of Athletes

Underwater SwimmersThis list of 10 just dropped into my inbox and is something each and every one of us should have tattooed to our hands at meets, practices…..just every day! Something I need to really read and re-read. Dave Thomas, USA Swimming, visited First Colony Swim Team (FCST) and shared this with parents and coaches. It’s really, really good stuff for all parents to remember:

10 Commandments for swim parents:
1.        Don’t impose ambitions on kids
2.       Be supportive no matter what
3.        Don’t coach your kid
4.       Only provide positive feedback
5.       Acknowledge fears, but try not to give them yours
6.       Don’t criticize officials
7.       Respect the coach (Coaching is not a profession, it’s a calling)
8.       Remain loyal to a team
9.       Find goals other than winning
10.   Don’t expect Olympians or full ride college scholarships, you don’t need to be an Olympian to learn life lessons.

Do I think this is JUST FOR SWIMMING? Absolutely not. I could (and will) change this to “Parents of ALL Budding Athletes.” How many times have you looked out onto a practice field (or pool) and noticed a parent that is CLEARLY “living through their child.” Maybe fulfilling some dream or aspect of their life that never took shape? And number 8……….remain loyal to a team. That is something that will have to be another blog, another day – hmph. Football. Hmph! Times are changing in our area by the way! Check out Fort Bend Gridiron Football – a new youth football program in the Sugar Land area in their second year. Registrations are ongoing now – visit their website!

I think maybe I’ll expand on this list of 10 statements each week. Just maybe……….just thought I’d share today though!

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