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Life can be a bit raggedy at times - but that's okay, right?

Workin’ kind of weekend!

It’s was one of those weekends where everything seemed to be a bit tied to work. My youngest played in “Friday Night Under the Lights.”  Our community, New Territory, looks forward to these wonderful spring-ish Friday nights for good old-fashioned hot dogs, hamburgers and baseball. YOUTH baseball that is. Grant’s game was at 6:00pm – the sun is still out. I guess he was a bit let down that he didn’t get to play in the dark. The league provides hot dogs and burgers and the teams that play (normally 2 games) bring the desserts and chips. It’s a blast – everyone just hangs out, chats with neighbors, and the players run rampant after they’re games.

The WORK side of tarpon2010Friday night: Summer League Swim Team…We are getting cranked up for practices to start on May 3rd and meets June 7th. As a coach for one of the 2 neighborhood teams AND the website manager/designer/hand-holder for the team’s website (sponsored by Bizopia, Houston SEO Website Design company – which I of course work for), I am evidently fair game for a whole slew of questions regardless of the fact that my child is playing on the field – even at bat. Most of the comments/questions I got Friday night were about the new team suits – a solid black team suit with green trim – and the cutest fish-logo.  Can you imagine sitting in a room with 10-18 women trying to get everyone to agree on a suit that will make all 200+ swimmers happy…..? SpeedoUSA forced our hand in forcing us to choose a new suit this year by discontinuing their “2 year suit” programAlex and Grant 2010. These new suits look great – the fish is recognizable to other teams – and has been for quite some time. We’ve done a very good job of “branding” our logo in the community. It’s on EVERYTHING. Every kid I’ve talked to LOVES them, but the parents think they are boring. Oh well.

I worked with a local company, Echo Apparel Solutions, over off the Beltway 8 & Gessner. They were great to work with and do business in Houston, Sugar Land, Katy and surrounding areas. This fish is some kind of elasti-rubber like iron-on thing. I don’t know the specifics, all I know is that we were able to very cost-effectively customize our apparel for the team. This company does all kinds of things: custom embroidery, screen-printing, sublimation as well as providing great choices in corporate apparel items to customize. Team and League uniforms galore. They also did these cool, yellow safety-vests for my church’s volunteers to wear in the parking lots so new members can identify them. Pretty cool. They’ve also personalized duffel bags, sweatsuits (team-wear) as well as fan-wear for National Fusion Soccer, one of the local club soccer clubs. If you need anything for your company, your team, your church…….give Echo Apparel a click or call.

Yesterday, we had our parent meeting for the Tarpons. All those new parents sitting out there in the audience, soaking up every word we said. RELAX………it made me feel old. This is a FUN thing. Yes, it’s hotter than you know what, but the kids that participate – LOVE IT! Keeps the kids off the computers and games and couch for at least an hour every day. What a deal…$95 dollars for one swimmer for the summer. Starts in May, ends in mid-July. Every day……experienced coaches, good technical teachers, fun in the sun, and a little friendly competition. In my book, summer swim team is the best deal around money wise. We are VERY lucky to have such wonderful sponsors – one of which I need to start designing their site.

My youngest and I put in a garden on Sunday. That’s WORK! He wants to attract butterflies and bees, and to grow “something”. He’s such an outside kid. Summer swimming is good for him because it gives him something to do every day – gives us something to form a “schedule” around. I think I’m going to let him “work” on a website “like Mommy does.” We have a family site that I don’t do anything with because I’m always working on someone elses’ site. He’s old enough to “write” a little blog on a page on our family site. He already has  a Facebook page – social media marketing at 8 years old. HA! The grandparents will love it… it will help him with his typing skills which the schools ASSUME these kids can all type. Push buttons, yes. Type, no. Who knows, maybe he’ll follow in our footsteps and work at Bizopia one day and design websites for a living. Hmmmm……….maybe not. Don’t think he can sit still that long. We have time……..

Back to work. Working on a mobile auto glass repair site for Affordable Auto Glass of Houston. Great company – easy to work with. Next in line……..a limousine company, then a media transfer company in Sugar Land. Lots to do……..more to come. Bring on the week…………

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