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New iPhone App for Accidents

Since I’m in the Houston SEO business, I have to keep up with “what’s new” with our clients. One client, the Larry Jones Insurance Agency, Houston car insurance quote service and provider, has just shared with me a pretty cool iPhone app. If you’ve EVER been in a car accident, did you get all the info you needed at the scene of the accident or did you have to play phone tag with the other driver(s)? I was in a small fender bender when I was about 20 – luckily it was not my fault, but the fault of a sobbing 16 year old that had GREAT insurance. But that was without kids…………

I’ve been very lucky to NOT be involved in any car accidents since I’ve had kids. They seem to add a new element to just about everything however. Think about it. We all had these cute little cars in the beginning – now most with kids of us are driving tanks for some sort. That being said, I can’t complain because my “tank” is “pimped out” as my oldest son explains it. SO, in the event of an accident, I would want to make sure that I get all the information that I need from the other driver (because naturally the accident will NOT be my fault – ha!) so I can restore my beautiful white diamond tank to it’s original condition.

Now…assume the kids are with you and you are involved in an truck accident. What are you going to be worried about, the car or the kids? I would imagine that I would be so incredibly wigged-out about the kids and making sure that they are okay, that I might only collect HALF the info necessary to file a proper claim. That’s where my client comes in. Mr. Jones is a Nationwide car insurance agent in Spring, TX. His agency services all of Houston, including Spring and the Woodlands. He has shared this new iPhone app with me – Nationwide Mobile. This FREE iPhone app features an “accident toolkit” complete with agent phone numbers, your insurance policy numbers, and your vehicle information. This toolkit has a list of all the info you need to share with the other driver (especially the truck driver)………all the little specifics you are NOT going to remember if you are rattled in the least.

When you have left the accident scene (or before), you can peruse the app’s suggestions for towing companies should you need to be towed. It also offers Nationwide’s Blue Ribbon Repair Facilities as well as the numbers of the closet agent. Information available at your fingertips to help you get your claim processing as fast as possible. COOL! They (Nationwide) are quite impressed with the flashlight feature also.

So…….you might want to call (or visit their website – it’s pretty good – plug plug) Larry Jones and get an auto insurance quote today….and this handy-dandy app….the other insurance companies aren’t offering apps for phones. Call for a quote today.!

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