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Weather in Oklahoma

OK – this spring/summer weather is Oklahoma is scary! It’s been a bit tough around here, but NOTHING like what they are going through. I have family in Tulsa and they are in the direct line of fire. Thank goodness for Facebook. I posted on my cousin and his wife’s pages – to let us know all is well. My cousin’s mom saw the post and responded that she had just talked to them. Did you SEE the hail they had 2 days ago? It doesn’t really matter what kind of homeowners insurance you have – that can’t be too much comfort staring down what they have coming at them.

Just read a post from my cousin-in-law, still moving their way. The Weather Channel is showing video footage of the young man from University of Oklahoma (I think) that tried to go out for a simple jog with the intent of “outrunning” the storm. Evidently the storm caught up with him, and he was pelted with bigger than golf ball size hail. He was lucky to live. He jumped in a truck with some very nice man, and says it probably saved his life. He had welts on his back from where he was hit. CRAZY!

I was checking out the Weather Channel’s videos. WOW – go check out the softball sized hail video. I know we had some minor roof damage during Hurricane Ike – but can you imagine what kind of roof damage these poor people have? What their cars look like? Does normal car insurance cover things like this? I’m cleaning my garage out this weekend so I can get at least ONE of my cars inside. AND I’m checking my homeowners insurance? Is this considered an “act of God?”

Looks like the storms are all merging – heading straight towards my cousin and his family. I’m logging off and going back to Facebook. WOW – technology has come a long way. Play by play action via texting and Facebook. Nice in ways, but I feel helpless! Good luck to those in the path of this WICKED storm!

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