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Driving while Texting

I have had the pleasure of starting drivers ED here recently and I have quite a few friends getting their licenses this summer. A fun road trip for high schoolers – now that some of us are driving – is to Galveston to hang out on the beach. EVERYONE  LISTEN – WARNING! I was doing some research for Mom and I came across this…..Galveston has new “texting while driving” laws with $500 fines. HELLOOOOO! So if you are driving through Galveston and get caught texting and driving, cops can write you a $500 ticket. To make it clear, if you are driving through Galveston don’t text and drive.

Here’s a true story. A few weeks ago, I was participating in the Texas High School Triathlon championships in Katy, Texas, and one of the participants was hit by a guy texting while driving a Ford F-150 on Mason Road. This participant was a stud swimmer, 5:00minute 500 swimmer…….we’re talking fast! I think he swims for COOG. One of my old coaches now coaches him, and said that he has to have multiple shoulder surgeries because of this accident. The idiot that was texting while driving ran a red light and popped this kid during the bike portion. A cop was standing right there blowing an air-horn trying to get him to stop, but he wasn’t paying attention and now this kid has to pay the physical price. Not cool. If this were in Galveston or Galveston County, that would have been an automatic ticket for the texting and a ticket for running the red light.

Now – if you get hit by someone that was texting and driving and it causes an accident, and you get hurt and your car is messed up, you will need a Houston personal injury attorney that can also handle auto accident. If you get in any auto accident you will need to call an accident attorney these days anyway. You just need the right kind of attorney because everyone is sue-happy.

Since I’m helping Mom with research (she does SEO for Bizopia), I’m learning about all the different kinds of attorneys. A personal injury attorney will help you if you are an injured victim of any type of accident including car accidents, falls at work, slips at work and many other types. Dad’s company has designed some pretty cool websites for some different kinds of attorneys, including personal injury lawyers.


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