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2020 | Family Update



2020 | Family Update

Due to family, work, volunteering, AND THIS FREAKIN’ COVID CRISIS and PANDEMIC…this website consistently takes a back seat to everything else.  As usual, it’s a work in progress and I’ll try to get the family pictures updated ASAP.  NOTE: Family websites are fun, but a lot of work. I’m on it – look for new pics soon!

GARY – Taking Bizopia (The Perfect Place for Businesses Online for SEO & Social Media Marketing) to new levels in 2020! 2019 was a big year for Bizopia. Websites, search engine optimization, pay per click and social media marketing are still the core for the marketing agencies. Gary and Mel OFFICIALLY retired from the board of a WONDERFUL youth football organization, Fort Bend Gridiron Football. That being said, both are still spending lots of time on sports – mostly baseball now and Aggie football. Gary is extremely active on TexAgs and Twitter at @TGaryRemy. Still loves his Aggies and has every intent of making all Aggie games in 2020.

MELANIE – Still working full time for Bizopia and killing herself with volunteering…but that’s slowly coming to an end as Grant’s high school career is basically over because of COVID. Working from home during this coronavirus crisis with two of three kids in house (Alex & Grant) + Gary, has Mel in survival mode. Mel is currently wrapping up the Stephen F Austin High School Athletic Booster Club’s ODD year of low membership/participate at Austin High School (so frustrating) and now, shutting down all activities including the Spring fundraiser. As usual, Mel is managing to stay Crazy busy.  Really, nothing has changed 🙂 Mel officially resigned as a volunteer for the Fort Bend Gridiron Football League in efforts to get NEW BLOOD (and younger folks) involved and it’s being fantastically run! Still involved with SHRSL – Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League – Mel and the Board are currently trying to GUESS what to do for summer of 2020. Still bleeding maroon, still a tailgating machine during Aggie season with the Howdy Plus Tailgate! Just winding down the high school activities with Grant and trying to stay out of trouble!

CHASE – Chase is still stationed as a United States Marine in Quantico, Virginia. What has Chase mastered since last update? HUNTING ON BASE. He managed to hunt during duck season A TON. He’s NOT a fan of geese…that might have to be another post – ha! Chase wasn’t able to come home in December 2019 / January 2020 due to his travel schedule, so we took the party to him. Gary/Mel/Alex/Grant all traveled to Virginia for a little one-on-one time with Chase and to see the sights/sounds of his life. So miss having all the kids in and around the house at the same time! Of course, once we planned the trip to Virginia/DC, he jumped on a trip to Austin where we got to hang with Chase (Aunt Melinda, Uncle Dave, Papoo/Wiltz, Shelby & Wyatt) while he was working. Sort of fun watching him in his element, at the same time scary with all the “emergency briefings”….more on this later. Chase’s truck is in the process of dying – anyone that knows Chase, understands the current crisis. Chase’s relationship status has officially changed to TAKEN by Shelby and Wyatt. Shelby and Chase have been such good friends with each other since 6th grade. We have VERY Incriminating pictures and use accordingly on a regular basis! Mr. Wyatt is 3 ½ years old and absolutely adores Chase. More on this topic later …..  More Chase >

ALEXANDRA – Currently a graduate student in Exercise Physiology at Texas A&M University. WHOOP! Alex received her Kinesiology undergraduate in May 2019 and is currently trying to find an internship for the Fall so she stays on the “graduate with a masters in December 2020” path. So many things are up in the air for her right now while attempting to take “hands on classes” via Zoom. Anyone that knows Alex, knows that swimming is HUGE in her life…even now. As the outgoing Captain of the Texas A&M Club Team (shocking huh?), she WAS to lead the Aggies at Nationals for Texas A&M. Enter – COVID and the cancelation of extracurriculars in general for these college kiddos. Hopefully there will be more swimming updates from Alex in the near future as she’s considering…FCST. Again. As a Masters swimmer. Coronavirus issues: Colin. WE ALL MISS COLIN – Colin and Alex regularly meet at night via Zoom or Facetime. We can hear the chatter at times, and it’s FUN. Love these kids! Colin is in Dallas as a Sewell stud while Alex is still rocking her grades. Both Alex and Colin’s shared LOVE for life and A&M is fun to be around. WE JUST NEED TO BE AROUND IT….this “stay at. home” order…yeah, not loved around here!  More Alex > 

Grant – 12th Grade. Senior year. Senior/Last high school hoorahs with the AHS Bulldogs. Where do I start? During football of his junior year, Grant decided  to add SWIMMING to the list of sports to tackle in high school. So basically, he enjoyed the 4:30a wake up calls for a sport…he really really likes. He ALSO loved swimming with the Bulldog team – what a special group of kiddos. Grant ROCKED the swim season this year. As the UIL District 20-6A district champ, Grant improved his time ever. single. time. he. swam. the 50 and 100 Free, following in Sis’s footsteps. As a 6’6″ pitcher, swimming was fun to watch. So exciting. Regionals was disappointing for Grant with his 5th place finish – there were 100ths of a second between 2nd and 6th at regionals. Top 2 moves on to state. His lack of experience in finishing technique killed him. He was there….we all saw it. Thought he was 2nd…..the underwater finishes got him. These kids swim all year round. Grant swims 2.5 months a year…so we’ll celebrate his successes, his “all star status” with the program and enjoy the NEXT UP season – baseball. Uh….NOT.

Baseball for Grant & the Bulldogs: We had the pleasure of watching Grant and the AHS Bulldogs in 2 tournaments this season. And UIL just canceled the rest of the season last week, due to coronavirus. THIS VIRUS/DISEASE (pick a type) has affected so many experiences and milestones for so many.The final tournament, Grant was lucky to pitch 2 innings when pulled to “save” him for the first district game due to be played 4 days later. Yeah, that didn’t happenHis final outing as happened. No pictures. One bad video…No senior season is provoking ugly feelings around the Remy house and for our baseball friends – who may, or may not have snuck out last night just to see other…while socially distancing of course. Just said. No “All District” nods. No “All Tournament” nods. Nothing. Over. Done. That being said…..

NEWS: Grant has committed to continue his academic career and to play at the University of Texas at Dallas. He’s VERY excited to play for the Comets program under the guidance of Coach Shewmake and Coach Graves! He’s talking to his new teammates on a regular basis which is a pretty neat thing that social media offers. Okay, they talk  daily and are already “competing” online in video games. Good to see some friendly competition. What is Grant doing in his spare time with no baseball. Getting better at baseball. Gaining weight. Getting stronger. Working his arm strength and arm arm care program (National Pitching)…and it’s working. We can tell. So we are choosing to look at the silver lining with this “baseball break”  – no overuse injuries during HS ball. An extended summer….? That being said, baseball will continue to DOMINATE our lives and we can’t wait to see what the future brings for Grant! More Grant >  

Hopefully the Summer of 2020 will allow for at least one New Braunfels trip – the infamous Memorial Day trip is in jeopardy at this time. We have another NB trip planned in July, so that trip has a better chance of happening. WHOOP! A potential return to Port Aransas this summer could be on the books soon. We’d love to go back, but Port Aransas all but got wiped off the face of the earth during Hurricane Harvey – this “stay at home” junk can’t be helping that area AT ALL!

BIG NEWS that’s not totally public…Gary and Mel have bought property in Waller, Texas. About 45 minutes from Sugar Land, and about half-way between Houston and College Station, Texas…with intent to build and relocation. Right off of 290, 5-7 minutes southwest of Buc-ees. Our Texas friends understand what Buc-ees has to offer. Also, this COVID pandemic has put a big, ole exclamation point on “can we work from home”…and the answer is. YES WE CAN! While we will miss our local friends, we have confidence that we’ll get together with our friends from Sugar Land, football, baseball, swimming, Bulldogs, Aggie, New Territory, work … on a regular basis! We are looking forward to a bit more space outside, another GREAT porch for hanging and entertaining, some “immediate” fishing and the “next” chapter…we’ll see what sort of trouble the Remys can get in to!

A bit #raggedy at times, but that's ok, right? Love all things Family, Aggie, AHS Bulldogs & Digital Marketing! #SociallyBizzy #SEOciallyCorrect #Bizopia #TexasSEO