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I want to buy a guitar….

The need for pickin’ and grinnin’ …..The question isn’t why you should play guitar — but why not. The reasons are as varied and countless as the sounds a guitar makes. In a thriving metropolis such as Houston, it stands to reason handling the axe — and doing so with a certain amount of skill and authority — is an activity that can be as lucrative as it is enjoyable.
Talk about empowering: No musical artists, including singers, command a stage like talented guitarists. If you’re remotely interested, it’s time to forget about playing Wii or Nintendo; learning and conquering a real axe is far more gratifying. Everybody needs a hero, but not Guitar Hero. Perhaps you should invest both time and a little money, in the hope it’ll pay you back in spades. Once you get that pick moving, fingers grooving and strings strumming, you’ll wonder what took you so long to pursue such a cool and worthwhile hobby. (Your fingertips may get sore the first time you undertake this venture, but that’s a small setback: The road to fame is paved with blood and sweat.)
Just getting your act together in a Houston-based garage? Or maybe you’re bandmates have already landed gigs, with compensation, throughout the city’s array of nightclubs.
Jamming on a guitar — whether acoustic or electric, steel string or nylon — provides a sense of power and pride. And there’s no denying the sex appeal: Women from all walks of life can’t get enough of “handy” men playing an axe in the spotlight. Just think of the pleasure and attention you’ll stir up by creating six notes at a time, as only guitars can do.
Better yet, it’s ideal for accompaniment because (as with a piano) only one’s hands are necessary — freeing up your mouth to sing along. Have you considering buying a guitar?
Why learn how to play guitar? As a creative outlet that’s soothing to the ear. Lessons are encouraged, but you can be self-taught with patience, determination and diligence. For inspiration, think of some of the masters: Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards, Eddie Van Halen and B.B. King. Each started from scratch, yet made a name for themselves with “sound” fundamentals.

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