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Life can be a bit raggedy at times - but that's okay, right?

Mom – Can I play the Guitar?

Have your kids bugged you about wanting to learn to play the guitar but you don’t want to plunk down the money? How’s that frog doing? Are YOU feeding the dog yet? We have frogs (that I feed) and a dog (that I play with)… you have the same thing going on?

I can hear my crew pleading their case for learning yet another thing………guitar is the latest.  Lucky thing for me is that I’m working with a great music center, Fort Bend Music Center, at work and they are experts in Houston Guitar Lessons and Houston Guitar Sales & Rental.

I was in band in school but I don’t remember any of my music stores offering Houston band instrument rental. I LOVE the idea of the kids being able to switch instruments….especially mine. It’s much easier to SWITCH instruments rather than SWITCH croaking frogs………..

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