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Houston Auto Glass Repair

I had just spent a long, hot Saturday & Sunday cleaning out the garage – you know the weekend where you are all over the kids for not putting their bikes/tennis rackets/scooters/ripsticks, etc away where they are supposed to go. We had gotten all of the dog hair swept out and everything put away. It looked SO good. Monday rolled around and I need to grocery shop for the family. So I shut the computer down – no more Houston SEO services to complete, no sites to layout – so off I went.

Upon return, I was taking groceries out of the car and the next door neighbors yard guys were blowing the grass off the driveways and in to my garage. I rushed over to hit the garage door openers button and all I heard was shattering glass…..I had left the tailgate window open and the garage door had caught it. There was glass everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I panicked. It was Monday – CARPOOL DAY!

I jumped up and ran to the computer and searched Houston Auto Glass Repair and wha-la – Houston’s own Affordable Auto Glass popped up. Since I work for a Houston website design and SEO company, I know that if a company is on the front page in Google, they are doing something right.¬† So I called.

Within 45 minutes – AAG sent a Houston mobile auto glass repair specialist to my houses. YES – to my house. So basically, from the time I broke the window to carpool time was 2.5 hours. I had a new rear tailgate window installed and it did NOT break the bank. I even had time to double vaccuum the car for safety reasons.

Kudos to Affordable Auto Glass – what a wonderful experience. OK – breaking the window STUNK – but having a company show up promptly, with¬† no emergency fees, and expertly fix something was a complete pleasure! Give ’em a call when you need them. They fix all “hiccups” with your auto glass!

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