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Who needs Fall Protection?

As I was floating down the Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas, I noticed the Schlitterbahn’s latest major attraction……THE SWING. My seven year old was asking me, “Mommy, how do you know that you are not going to fall when you are swinging?” As a Houston SEO Strategist and copywriter, I’m quite familiar with Andy and the guys over at Flexible Lifelines ( .  I just kept thinking, as I’m watching, “Man, I hope they have GREAT fall protection equipment.” I mean – these guys are climbing up poles with a little strap attached to them checking all the connection points. WOW! You have to trust what someone in a different job than you orders to protect you from falling. I would trust Flexible Lifelines to give me what I need. I mean, falling from 150 feet or more……you’re not exactly going to get up and walk off. You have to have the best of the best.

Until I was writing copy for Flexible Lifelines, I never really thought about fall protection for someone working on top of an airplane or railcar.  I had thought about window washers, and people working on skyscrapers as needing assistance. But what about people that work on our water towers? Roller Coasters? Highway signs. Fall protection is needed in many many places.

This is job is pretty cool – it’s challenging me to think about some random things that I would otherwise not be exposed to.

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